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Book Club Cooking…

Wouldn’t it be great to get the scoop on celebs from behind the scenes? Duchess Dolls Book Club’s got the dirt–at least about what they eat. This month’s offering for readers? It’s called Recipe For A Delicious Life by Celebrity Chef Zipora Einav.

I ask her to give us inside gossip about some of her celeb clients. She’s cooked for Mariah Carey, Pierce Brosnan (yum), Donovan McNabb, The Kelly Family, Kris Jenner, Jack Nicholson and Scarlett Johansson. So what do I learn? Nada. She won’t share any down and dirty. It’s a pro thing. Even when I pinky swear, she remains tight-lipped.

The book is a first on the publishing scene. It’s interactive; as in an app that bring recipes, music and videos to life while you read. Really. It’s different. Mostly because she is. Chef Zipora has created a life, and advice, pairing healthful food, music and wine. If you hire her for one of her Ultimate Dinner Parties, you get not only her but music scored for the food and a sommelier because, well, that’s how she rolls.

She’s traveled the world with all its tastes and textures. She’s cooked at the Ritz-Paris and the Imperial Hotel in Beijing. And then there are those Hollywood dinner tables. She serves not just food, but an experience. The idea for a book came when she thought, “Everyone should live a delicious life,” which includes world flavors, beautiful music and fine wine creating what she calls, “My recipe for a better world.”

Neil Argo, famed composer known for his work on Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Mission Impossible and Wild America scored the music that accompanies the food. He says, “Much has been said about how classical music can improve health and well-being. Sharing her professional and personal experiences in this fascinating book, Chef Zipora reveals more of all she has discovered about how we can experience life in all its best health and richness, and the part that music can, truly, play in that discovery.”

Through the book’s journey, we get recipes for Mariah Carey’s Roasted Red and Yellow Pepper Soup and a nighttime frittata, Pierce Brosnan’s Heirloom Tomato Soup with Succotash and Chef’s own special dinner. But there’s more than food. There’s advice about developing and maintaining a healthy food lifestyle, embracing change and harmonizing your inner world. In short, the girl’s got “a taste for adventure and a zest for life.”

Getting a copy is the easy part. Find the book here. It’s the first step in using food, music and wine to live your best life.

Even better news? Chef Zipora is a Scottsdale girl so we can get her Ultimate Dinner Party at home. Squee. You can make those reservations here.

I feel a Girl’s Night coming on. You?


1 thought on “Book Club Cooking…”

  1. I wrote this amazing diatraub of beautiful words, describing Chef Zipora and the dinner she created for an intimate gathering of 6…Experience made even more memorable by the taste sensations of her creations. Did I post it? Not sure!


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