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House Hunters…

Millennials are buying condos. Cash buyers are everywhere. Building is on the rise. You can buy a house with bad credit. Such is afternoon coffee with Magic Zip Code’s Deana, our fave. Want the insider scoop?

Cash is king. As in most things, cash can get you the best deal when buying a house. Sellers like it too! Sales prices are down over 10 percent in November and December–no change there. It is the slow season. But come January, there will be more on the market and cash is your best weapon. Why? It affords you a bigger down, the ability to close faster and the choice is yours when it comes to when, where and how.

What if you’re the seller? This down time is the time to get ready. So, after the tree comes down, spruce up the place and get ready to deal.

But what about those Millennials? They’re buying. They’re choosy. They make up a good share of the condo market and brand new homes that they can semi-tailor to their needs. Deana’s advice to them?

“Start saving so that you can compete in the market and get an agent.”

Especially if you’re buying from a developer. She warns buyers that agents on site work for the builder. That’s where their interest lies–not in you getting a deal on your first home or your downsize home. Bring your own agent with you the first time you go there. Your own agent will look out for your best interest–price, down, extras–all of it. An agent who represents you is the only way to go.

And, no matter what buyer you are, the more cash you have, the better deal you’ll get.

But what if you have some, even a little, but no credit, bad credit or foreclosure? Within the magic of Magic Zip Code–it’s not a problem. It will take longer and the interest rate will be higher but you can still get rid of that rent payment and own a home.

Deana advises, it will take about six months. You’ll work on your credit. Do not cancel your credit cards, just pay down as vigorously as possible. And don’t make any big purchases. Buy the car after you have the new garage.

Credit difficulty falls under her “all in one” umbrella. Remember she’s the one who’s got a guy. And a girl. The girl’s the one who deals with the credit situation. The guy makes the house uniquely yours–built-ins, remodel, paint–all of it.

Create your own magic. To begin your journey, give Deana a call 602-295-3151.


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