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Have We Recovered Yet?…

Our beloved Dale took a massive housing market hit with the recession. There are those who say it will never recover to its heyday, pre-meltdown. Others note some solid gains. Does it matter who’s right and who’s wrong when all you want is to buy or sell a home?

We asked our favorite real estate girl, Deana of Magic Zip Code. Her advice? Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, get your ducks in a row.

That means sellers must put their best foot forward: curb appeal, updates, cleanliness, great photos and a willingness to negotiate a little. Buyers, always, must be ready to go. Have your financing in place. Be ready with your down payment. Know what you’re after and, also, know you may have to negotiate…a little.

If the scales are tipping, it may be on the side of the seller. Buyers should be ready for some stiff competition as inventory is a little short of demand. Those in the know say that will continue into 2018. Basically, that means home buyers are having to compete for houses. The reason to have all our financing ready.

Deana warns that doesn’t mean sellers can rest on their laurels. Since the recession, buyers have become more discerning. The millennial market knows exactly what they’re after and are also willing to wait it out. Wash the windows, trim the shrubs and clean out the clutter if you want top dollar.

Analysts remind both sellers and buyers that the recent bump in values is temporary and in 2018 home values will rise more modestly. The reason? We, living on the surface of the sun, saw housing values plummet. The rise of the past year is more of an adjustment. It will take longer to get to our former home value glory, if at all.

Magic Zip Code remains undaunted. Deana reminds us, “Whatever your price range look for what you love and we can find it. The good news is, if you’re selling, we have lots of buyers.”

Selling, buying, downsizing, upsizing. Houses, condos, townhouses. Magic Zip Code believes the wizardry is in what you want not in a niche market. Deana’s got a package to fit your needs. If she’s got a specialty, it’s in taking care of it all.

She’s got a guy to get your house ready. She’s got a gal for financing, even the hard kind. She’s got a girl for staging. And she’s nice. That’s the real magic.

She says you can even call her during the Bama game. 602-295-3151. Or


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