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Open Sesame…New Home Time?

Just when we think the sun might burn us alive, we get a reprieve. And what’s the best thing to do besides plant flowers and drink wine outside? Go look at houses, of course. Whether you’re buying or selling, there’s one you should see.

It’s a completely remodeled California Revival in McCormick Ranch–yep smack in the middle of The Dale. You need to see this one if you’re in the market. And if you’re not, you get to meet Deana, of Magic Zip Code fame. She’ll be there this Sunday 12-3. If buying or selling is floating in the back of your mind, you want to chat with our girl. Easy Peasey; she’s one of us.

We ask what’s first if we’re selling. She says a Market Analysis is key. It’s the thing that tells you what other homes in your area are selling for and gives a good idea what yours is worth. It compares and contrasts yours to similar homes. You’ll learn things like selling prices, time on the market, improvements, square footage, variations and upgrades. There are those immeasurables like curb appeal–remember we talked about that? Trim the bushes and cut the grass. It’s not hot anymore.

What you’ll learn is a starting point for pricing and marketing. You’ll find your home somewhere right in the range, unless of course yours blows the doors off the neighbors, which as a Duchess Doll, it probably does. The pros say don’t ever try to price it yourself. Evidently we don’t have an objective eye when it comes to our abodes. Who knew?

It will also tell you about inventory–that’s how many homes are for sale. If there aren’t many, yours should sell quickly. Too many and it could take a while. Right now, The Dale is kind of in the middle.

Some stats on our beloved Dale? Hot off the presses: Median price right now is 675,000 up one percent from last month. There are a total of 2,713 homes for sale right now, also an uptick from last month. Our per square foot price is 248 and right now homes are sitting for about 66 days before they sell. Last month that figure was 77 days and a year ago it was 88. Perhaps we are creeping our way out of housing catastrophe? Please?

Why not drop by and chat with Deana? She can give you the scoop. Let your eyes peer around 8402 E. Del Camino Dr. Note the hardwood floors, the fountain courtyard and wave at the guard at the gate. He may, after all, become a friend, non? Don’t want to wait that long? Deana will pop over to your place and do a Market Analysis for you for free. Yup, free. She’s that kind of girl. She’s also got tips on how to sell quickly, create cost effective redesign and improvements that enhance salability and maximize price. We like that.

You can call her 602-295-3151. Tell her The Duchess says, “Hey Girl.”

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