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There’s Magic In The Kitchen…

We ask Magic Zip Code’s Deana, “Whats the most important room when selling a house?” She smiles and nods, of course it’s the kitchen. So how do we sell if our kitchens are neither newly remodeled nor fitted with quartz and marble countertops? Yep, that’s right. It used to be granite. Now it’s quartz. And if you can’t afford that, and who can at 85 bucks a square foot, the choice is marble.

But it’s so, so pretty. Why shouldn’t I have it, think buyers. And then they step into the house that dazzled you all those years ago. Quartz? Nope. Marble? Nope. So, are we supposed to spend a fortune just to sell our homes?

Deana, always with ideas, says not necessarily. There are fixes that won’t break your bank and still leave some leftover to decorate your new house. Or condo. Or townhouse. Or bungalow. Or Tiny Home. Or boat. Yep,the trend is still downsizing.

Start with two easy ones. The faucet and the cabinet hardware. Deana says these changes make an immediate difference. Don’t choose metals that are too shiny. Another easy one is lighting. Take a critical look at your fixtures–do they need an upgrade?

What about those cabinets? New drawer pulls aren’t going to provide enough “fix?” You don’t have to replace the whole cabinet. Just paint them. You can do it yourself if you’re brave but why not make an investment that will totally recoup your money and have them painted professionally? White is the choice right now. You never know someone else’s wood taste and everything matches with white, right? Besides, it’s bright and light and makes the kitchen look bigger.

How about a freebie? Take everything off the countertops. That’s right. Store it all away. Buyers don’t care that you have a state-of-the-art espresso machine. They want to know that there’s enough room for theirs. Decorate, minimally, with flowers and fruits or veggies. Create the aura that a buyer could become a gourmet in this kitchen.

What about painting the walls? The lighter the better. Grey is the color of choice right now. If you’re not going to paint the rest of the house in various grey shades, choose beiges or off whites that will blend with the rest of the home decor.

One other item on trend watch is the backsplash. If you’ve got a few more dollars to spend, invest in a glass tile backsplash. Another one where you’ll recoup the cost.

But how are you going to a accomplish all this? Easy, peasey. Deana’s gonna come over, tell you what to do and then she’s gonna send over her cadre of helpers to get it done. Remember? She’s the realtor with a guy for everything. Including turning your kitchen into a buyer’s dream. Call her–selling season is upon us. Magic Zip Code and Deana can be reached at 602-295-3151 or

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