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Total Eclipse of The Street Lights…

Arizona was not expected to put on a big show during yesterday’s eclipse. And it didn’t. I stood in a parking lot with friends taking turns trading glasses to catch a peek of the moon’s pass in front of the sun. Perhaps because we spend the summer months living on the fiery orb’s surface, we were unable to see anything of note.

It also turned out to be the first time in about twelve years, clouds dotted our pristine sky. So maybe that was our weird? I heard roosters crowed in Denver. The Dale would be horrified to find roosters wandering about, so there were no cock-a-doodle-doos to alert us the sun was rising for the second time.

The street lights got brighter for a few moments. Was that our strange?

I woke up with a lot of energy, which is, indeed, an oddity. Not one to spring from bed, I did bound into the shower and had actual conversation, aloud, with the cats. They were confused. It was their cue something was coming. No word on whether they were roused from their 14 hours of sleep throughout the day.

My favorite East-West Healer gave advice. She said we would see the dark side of the moon and that is the bad energy we want to push away, gone forever. As the sun reappears, we should think of renewal, a chance for the new and the good to come into our lives. She made movements tai-chi style: arms sweeping away from the body and then pulling back in.

In the parking lot, I make push-pull motions to the confusion of those around me. No matter. Ridding myself of the dark side and pulling in the light of the new sun is important stuff, non?

And then there’s, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” (listen here) I’d heard the song earlier in the day and as the moon passes over, it floods my brain. I don’t know my companions well enough to initiate a sing along so I hum in my head and ruminate on the song’s hidden message. It’s written by Jim Steinman, of Meat Loaf fame, so meaning is double-edged and open to interpretation.

Some listeners believe it’s about a woman past her prime. Some believe it’s sad; some think happy. Some think it’s about an affair. Steinman, as always, leaves it to the listener. As for this girl, humming in a parking lot, wishing for darkness in the day, all I can muster is, “Turn around…”

I do, and that’s when I see the street lights are brighter. So there’s that.


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