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There’s Magic in Staging…

As for perfect jobs, how about staging homes? Decorating, arranging and OCDing all over someone else’s home with the sole purpose of making it look good without spending your own money? Am I dreaming?

It is indeed a real thing, a real job (How to get? Advise please.) that makes homes sell faster, for more money. We turn to our fave real estate doll, Deana Aller of Magic Zip Code fame, for advice. How, exactly, does the regular doll, without a gazillion dollars, accomplish the task?

Declutter tops the list. Truth is, though, clutter is subjective. Sad to say, your treasures are someone else’s trash. When in question, pare it down. Must goes? Family photos, filled shelves, stuffed closets and garages bursting with our cast offs. Turns out, a home looks smaller when stuffed with stuff and buyers want to believe they’re getting more for their square footage dollar so clear it away–but don’t store it in the garage. Family photos breaks the heart–evidently those grubby buyers want to see their family in your precious home. Pfft.

Curb appeal is right up there as well. If you need to be told a front yard filled with trikes, unkempt lawn, dying flowers and a peeling front door is not a good idea; perhaps you’re not ready to add a for sale sign to the melee. Cut the grass. Add some pots with blooming flowers near the door. Freshly painting the front door makes visitors feel welcome. Remember, most want turn key ready–meaning they can walk in the door, plop in a chair and feel good about their purchase.

Some say a white picket fence is sure fire seller. Rarely seen here on the surface of the sun, but the point is, “Welcome, come on in!”

Clean, clean, clean some more. Wash the outside of the house as well as the inside. Windows, doors, bannisters, surfaces, floors–everything you see–scrub it to shining. Duchess Dolls, of course, don’t have dirty homes, but a good OCD scrub never hurt anyone.

As for the fun stuff–set the dining room table, add some fresh flowers, boil some vanilla or bake some cookies right before a showing. You can eat them after as a reward for all that hard work. We know you’re exhausted.

As for furniture, pull it away from the wall creating interesting conversation areas. Try for symmetry. Crazy colors–furniture, walls, rugs–have to go. Neutral is key. Remember, you want buyers to see themselves living there. They may actually hate a lime green wall–who knew?

Magic Zip Code, of course, can stage for you. Deana’s got a girl for that. This month she’s also got a condo near ASU. Who’s looking for investment property? Deposit your college age offspring and make them manage the property. Skills for life right? Best news, the ASU condo, on Mill Avenue, goes for 159,000. Whaaaa? Call Deana 602-295-3151.

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