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The Tents Are Going Up…

It’s almost here—that magical time of year to buy a car and our favorite guy is putting up the tents early. Big Al, every Duchess Dolls favorite dealer, isn’t waiting until Memorial Day to kick off the summer deals. Wait—is Memorial Day car sale time a gimmick or is there an actual reason to buy a car over the three-day start to summer?

2017 Jeep® Renegade Limited

According to those in the know, including Big Al, who owns Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Doge Ram, holiday weekends can be some of the best times to buy. Why? Buyers tend not to venture out in the winter to prowl the lots and three-day weekends mean they have the time to do so.

Because they have time, the market swings into gear, making it easy to both buy and sell. Lucky us. Memorial Day also falls at month end—when sales staff are more willing to make a deal to hit month end bonuses. It’s a win-win.

Low interest financing remains in place in the car world and the cost of credit is still pretty low. Well-qualified buyers can get some great deals. Great credit will buy you rates in the zeroes to twos, meaning you’ll pay less for financing over the long run.

Manufacturers are in on the gig as well. They’re offering incentives and good numbers on trade-ins, thank you very much.

According to Financial Samurai, “Auto dealerships need to clear inventory for next year’s models which come out in the fall. Memorial Day will also have brand new left over inventory from the previous year. These are often the best deals because you not only get a new car, you get a huge discount, and a warranty that starts at the time of purchase and not the time of manufacture.”

Big Al and his guys take that a step further with their famous Warranty Forever and free oil changes for life. Yep—it’s true. Go there for my free oil change every three months and they say, “no charge.” I smile; sure I’m getting something I shouldn’t.

And you can show up armed and ready. Search the Internet inventory here, get prequalified and tell them The Duchess sent you.

Bring on summer, perhaps in a sweet little convertible.


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