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Tiny Change Tidbits…

They say the mark of a grown up woman is when she stops competing with other women and is actually happy for their accomplishments. Or something like that. It means that sometime after junior high, we realize cheering each other on is better than cheering when we fall.

Although we all know girls who’ve never left eighth grade. You know who you are and you are dead to me. Been watching a lot of Feud and reading gothic romance researching a project. The worst of women is foremost in my brain.

Unless I hate you, which would be surprising, my cheers are the loudest when one of my chicks succeeds. The boost of confidence, the tiny swagger, the eyes filled with tears and the hand to the mouth that comes when girls hit their stride is a fave. Case in point? Lauren.

Yes, that Lauren–the one who started HEAL–the best charity on earth. Not enough to rest on her laurels–get it Lauren’s Laurels–struck me funny. Cracking myself up on a Sunday afternoon. Lauren goes and becomes a Life Coach. I love me some quotes and life advice but this girl takes it up a notch. Studies, works hard and becomes certified. Says its been on the bucket list for years. She offers that at first it was a mission to help HEAL Moms but now it’s kind of morphing. Only she knows what it will metamorphose into, but this girl is on fire.

At last week’s Fairytale Tea, her husband addressed the crowd. He told of literally falling to his knees upon her cancer diagnosis and shared how he needed their children around him while they grappled through to health. So, on top of creating a successful nonprofit, becoming a Life Coach, whipping the shit out of cancer, this girl is gifted with the prince. Paint half the room jelly.

So I ask, “What can I do to help?” She’s not sure but I think little bits of advice, humor, life lessons and the like never hurt anybody. Starting today, at the end of each blog, a little tidbit provided by Lauren, will run at the bottom. Each day, a new life lesson will appear. Perhaps we will see the better in each other, the light at the end of the tunnel or gain the strength to persevere.

She calls them Tiny Change Tidbits. Here goes:

The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind. Unknown

Don’t believe everything you think, choose your thoughts carefully.


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