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Charity Is Alive and Well…

Our favorite car dealer, Alvin Heggs, is at it again. What did he do for the community now?

Well, since I can’t help but connect those I know with those I know, I introduced Big Al to HEAL (Happily Ever After League) last year just before the annual tea. This year, HEAL got a grant for something called HEAL on Wheels. The Boeing Employees Group funded HEAL the ability to take the show on the road to cancer moms who can’t make it to the HEALing House.

Need background? Happily Ever After League is my favorite charity. They provide resources, money, food, medical access and emotional support to moms, and their families, with cancer. Love, love, love. Big Al, Alvin Heggs, owns Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Met him a few years ago when I bought a car. Turns out he’s a former basketball player turned businessman with a heart of gold. Since then, he’s helped friends all over the valley. Last year, I told him about HEAL. He sponsored part of the Fairytale Tea and has been a fan since.

Long story short–I tell him HEAL got a grant for a vehicle–can he help? Of course, he can, he says, without an ounce of hesitation. He gets them a killer deal and agrees to provide maintenance and wrap the van. Doesn’t the heart sing aloud when two of your favorite things join together?

If you happen to pass the van tooling around town–know this. A lot of generous people made his dream of Miss Lauren’s (Lauren Daniels, the founder and sweetest girl on earth) come true. Wave and honk because what those volunteers are doing is bringing food, non-toxic products, educational information and love to cancer moms so sick they can’t make it to the HEALing House. Don’t worry–they’ll laugh out loud and wave back.

And you never know, Lord Hamilton, comfort pig extraordinaire, may be along for the ride.

Yes, of course, you can donate. Visit the Happily Ever After website here. Click on the link for needs and wish list. Better yet, come to the Fairytale Tea on April 9. Someone you know will be the emcee for the day. Squee. And, the best way to thank Big Al, who makes so many charitable wishes come true, is to visit the showroom the next time you need a car. You can look at online inventory here. As always, tell him The Duchess sent you and see what happens.

Magic, and charity, are indeed alive and well. Happy heart.


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