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He Needs A Hellcat…

Remember when the cool guys drove muscle cars that looked like they just escaped Daytona, had no car seats and the two of you drove around just for the fun of cruising through town? Remember those cars in screaming colors that were a little loud with guys just cute enough to worry your parents?

They’re back.duchess-diaries-big-al

Well, your favorite guy may have put on a few pounds and lost some hair, but the two of you can still cruise ’round town harkening back to the days he picked you up and you drove to nowhere. Now that you’re both grown, why not grab the car and head for the open road, Thelma and Louise style–without the death part. Those of us in the Grand Canyon State hate when that happens.

You know one of Big Al’s cars is coming and this time it’s the 2017 Dodge Charge SRT Hellcat. Even sounds naughty, non?

Of course, it comes with all the goodies–a variety of engines, trims and equipment make it virtually custom made.

Available V8 puts power behind your bucks. Add in the easy touchscreen and you won’t get lost unless you want to. It also includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto reminding us there are perks for being older, wiser and able to sped a little more on fun.

Edmunds says,” If you’re looking for a spacious, refined, comfortable, state of the art and efficient large sedan…this isn’t for you.”

How could it be when colors include Green Go, Yellow Jacket and Contusion Blue? Pair that with all rear wheel drive unless you want all wheel, 17, 18 or 20 inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, dual zone climate control, Bluetooth, rear parking sensor, power sunroof, LED fog lamps, eight way power seats, heated mirrors, upgraded braking, sport tuned suspension, transmission paddle shifter and this most certainly is not the car he picked you up in all those years ago. It’s got all the cool and none of the compromise.

Pair that with a five star test rating; four stars for front impact and five for side and the 707 horsepower, 650 pound torque and it’s the vroom car that spent time in his garage all cleaned up and ready to go.

Oh, and the 19-speaker Harmon Karden sound system will make all those oldies sound brand spankin’ new.

Final notes from Edmunds? “It’s one of the most absurdly powerful cars on the planet.” And wasn’t that just what your sweetie was after all those years ago in his dad’s garage? I think he needs one.

Big Al‘s got a bunch and they’re ready to go–sitting right there on the lot for the taking. Give him a call at 480-830-8001. The dealership is in the Auto Park in Mesa and, as always, lifetime warranty and oil changes are included. I’m headed over this weekend for maintenance. Really. Remember, tell them The Duchess sent you–it’ll be worth it dolls.


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