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You Can’t Make This Up…

Political discourse flipped on its head this week as the party of tolerance showed very little and the party of Lincoln is now represented by a reality star who made fun of a reporter with a handicap. You can’t make up this stuff.

Hillary’s confidence went too far and Trump’s buffoonery was rewarded by those in the country’s midsection shouting, “Enoughof your political shenanigans. You want to see what get out the votehttps://theduchessdiariesblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/duchess-diaries-politics.jpg?w=1462
really looks like?” Neither party’s hands are clean. After all, crossover votes swung the elitist of all colleges.

Shock waves swept the land. It appears those worshiping at the feet of the girl in Garanimals believed loss an impossibility. So much so that students across the land needed counselors and comfort animals. The loudest of those crying misogyny forgot Hillary planned to bring the Master of Misogyny along with her. While her supporters were taking to the streets, parents of intern daughters said they no longer had to come home. All the while some women refused to acknowledge that for the first time in our country’s history, a woman steered a campaign to presidential election. So much for glass ceilings.

On the other hand, voter anger ushered into the hallowed house a freakishly orange racist with a predilection for bullying and a habit of tweeting bullshit in the wee hours. Our new president is a man so vile that mocking the handicapped not only entered his lexicon but displayed itself publicly and was defended. We have a president that looked about a room of debaters and measured hand size. And somehow felt the necessity to poke fun at parents who lost a child defending our freedom.

And, evidently, it’s okay with some voters that a pussy-grabbing married man occupy the house our tax dollars fund. Wait a minute. Both sides have demonstrated they think that’s okay.

Hubris strangled Hillary and her supporters and the country will suffer. When did we forget that those who assemble our cars, grow our food and live in “fly over” states have an equal say? They said enough of the status quo. They said Beyonce and JayZ neither represent them nor dictate their vote. Who knew?

What of those who voted for neither? Do they own the opportunity to be maddest of all? Where do they go to riot and jeer? What of those who could not hold their noses and cast a vote for the lesser of two evils? What of those who rejected the name calling, intolerance, coercion, bad behavior and smear tactics used so effectively by both candidates that the truth is as lost as Atlantis?

Our bed’s been made. Unfortunately, neither side offered a high thread count.


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