Are You As Tough As Your Grandpa?…

Is your Jeep as tough as your Gramps? Yeah, the one who fought in wars around the world and came home to tell about it. He drove a Wrangler and you can too. Or you can buy one for your best guy. They’re on special at Big Al’s Superstition Spring Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. The Wrangler remains the manliest of the Jeeps. Surprisingly very little about the workhorse has changed.

The tough as nails 2017 is still an off road expert with four wheel drive standard, 285 hp, a 3.6 liter V-6
and a six speed manual or five speed automatic. The top remains convertible, soft or hard and there’s added torque to all four wheels. Rawr!

It’s the body that’s iconic. Think Colonel Potter of Mash. Every time he pulled up or drove away—yep that was a Jeep Wrangler. The body that goes anywhere features the body on frame with rigid front and rear axles and an anti roll bar for some serious rock crawling. It’s a true real terrain vehicle that features all its original World War II origins. Yep, World War II. That’s gramps of us old folks.

There are features that lend to comfort including LED head and fog lamps, Sahara and Rubicon themes, a cold weather package that includes all terrain tires, engine coolant heaters, heated seats (Grampa didn’t have those) heated power mirrors, one touch power mirrors, power locks, keyless remote and heavy duty floor mats. So actually, yes, you and your honey could drive this baby out into the desert and not be scared you won’t make it back.

Changes were anticipated for the upcoming year and there are some—powertrain updates but the vehicle remains mostly utilitarian. The solid axles, floating front differential, square fenders and exposed lunges signal this is still the badass of the Jeep line.

And Big Al’s got a bunch on special for you as well as a twenty percent discount on some other beauties on the lot. Remember were headed into the best time to buy a car—but that lasts only as long as they sit. And at Superstition Spring Chrysler they don’t sit long.

You can check out inventory online here http://www.supercj.com or give them a call at 480-830-8001. That twenty percent sounds like Chrsitmas to me. Doesn’t your manly special one need a Jeep that matches his nature, and your need for heated seats? Tell them the duchess sent you. It’s worth it. I promise.duchess-diaries-wrangler


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