Need Some Rock Hard Abs?…

Sitting at the computer wondering what to write and an email pops up from a friend. She stumbled upon a little morsel in Dear Abby and wonders about a duchess’ opinion. Since I adore opining on just about anything, I am more than happy to oblige. And, besides, I can’t write one more damn column about cancer.
The Dear Abby thing goes like this: Seems the writer was in an unhappy marriage for thirty-five years. Recently she moved from California to Oklahoma (my condolences dear) To her surprise, she meets and falls for a guy, “Tom.”
Turns out Tom is only thirty years old. The writer doesn’t give her age but let’s give her the benefit of all doubts and say she got married at 20—not so young for marriage thirty-five years ago. And it makes her closer to Tom’s thirty years. So, at the least, writer is 55. And Tom is thirty.

She says Tom doesn’t see the age difference and doesn’t care. She’s only told two people about the “affair.” She is happy for the first time in her life. She has tried dating guys her own age and finds them “boring.” The age thing obviously bothers her enough to write into Dear Abby, which causes one to wonder if she fully appreciates the advantages of someone much younger—things like stamina, scruffy facial hair and abs. What she wants from Abby: Is it okay to go forward with this relationship despite the age difference?

Abby says she has a right to live her life anyway she chooses as long as she and Tom agree. Basically, it’s no one’s business. True, true Abby dear.

As someone unexpectedly single and never looking, it is hard to ignore those thirty-year-olds. They are everywhere and they are…different from our husbands when they were thirty. The Norwegian didn’t have those abs when he was twenty much less thirty. In one generation men have gone from suits and ties to untucked shirts and six packs waved willy-nilly in our faces. It’s a toss up.

So, this chick with Tom, being older than me but in the same range—what do I think? Don’t care. Date whomever you want. You are old enough to remember our dear Alexis of Dynasty fame, non? Aside from Blake, her man collection included all sorts of youngsters including Dex and the tennis pro.

Time is wasted worrying what others will think when the fact is; they’re going to say whatever they’re going to say. And, girlfriend, if what they’re saying about you is, how did she snare a thirty-year-old with rock hard abs at 55? I say let the gossip fly.

Better than sitting at home watching Netflix alone. Wait, take that thirty-year-old, tuck him into your bed and watch Netflix together. Problem solved.


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