Reader Requests…

9:28 PM…Twenty-six days until Amour changes completely to Duchess Diaries…

Reader requests: quotes, pop culture and news of the chickens. Heard and registered. Here goes.

Latest on the obsession list: The Good Wife. I know. I’m a million years behind everyone else in following the lindamachinations of a state’s attorney who swept his wife along in the tidal wave created when his dalliances with a hooker become public and he goes to jail.

He expects his wife to stay. His mother expects her to stay as well. ‘Cuz underneath he’s such a good guy. And he should run again. I never watched because I so do not care for the premise. Sketchy politician publicly apologizes and expects his wife to stand at his side. Although Alicia Florrick does have a great deer in the headlights face. I wonder why she stays, especially with Will waiting in the wings. The rise of the phoenix aspect is quite something. I hope she turns out to be as badass as I’m thinking she may be.

I tune in because Middle Chicken says I have to watch. A friend heaps on, “You’re a writer and you don’t watch some of the best writing on television?” Well, dolls, now I’m hooked. Entranced by what Alicia will do, I can’t stop looking. Only on season two, so she and Will have yet to horizontal mambo. If it’s anything like the anticipation, Mr. Florrick may be in political office alone, non?

You say you need some quotes and random thoughts. Done.

“Hold my dignity…I’ve got some sketchy shit to do.”

“If people could hear the five seconds after we hit end call, we’d all have no friends.”

“I don’t hold grudges. I remember facts.”

“I hate it when my fat makes me look fat in these clothes.”

“Unless you fell off the treadmill and smacked your face…No one wants to hear about your workout.”

“We are all a little broken. And that’s okay.”

Randoms for the day:

Do you talk back to the voice in the self checkout when she says to put the goods in the bagging area? Is there a reason she truly upsets me?

Do you ever see your own photo on facebook and think, “Damn, did I really look that bad?”

Do you know how many people use hair extensions just because they don’t like their haircut? How did I not know this? And why did I so easily believe that some people just have really fast growing hair?

Chicken Update:

If you’re in the Dale, you probably know Baby Chicken pulled off a surprise visit this weekend. Floored. No clue. Hate that they can do that to me. Middle Chicken is prosecuting bad guys in DC and now knows the special power reserved only for those who get to stand up in open court and say, “Objection.” She reports it was all she hoped and more. Oldest Chicken still refuses to watch Bama with me in public due to questionable sportsmanship. Mine, not his. Pfft.

There’s only one thing to say to that nonsense. Roll Tide.


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