Launching: Business Growth…Squee

10:42 PM

We’re hoping we’ve worked out the kinks. As with any venture involving the web, well, you knowhappy on bed how I feel about that shit. Why can’t we all just mix up a pitcher of dirty martinis and chat? I’m told the world doesn’t work that way anymore. I am however, mannerly as ever, happy to give you a tour.

You’ll notice that the new site houses the blog, right up front and center. All the old posts from Amour De Ma Vie are here. There are some new features and this is where it gets exciting.

There is a Who’s Who Page–whaaa? I know right? These are our Scottsdale and Phoenix peeps putting our glorious state on the map. Are we cultured? Are we beautiful? Do we have great restaurants and shops? You bet your ass we do. These folks are making it happen.

Then there are the places, people, shops, events and such that I just cannot resist.These are listed amongst the Duchess’ Finest. Consult early and often dolls. You need to know where to go, who to talk to and how to meander your way through the best and the brightest here in the Dale.

The Events page features whatever event I’m up to. There’s a swell gathering next week for Crisis Nursery but the one featured right now, girlfriends, is the upcoming seminar with The Fixer. Hit the button and find your way to a new future filled with success. Besides, it’s at the The Ritz so you know the food, the company and the details will be exquisite. And, you might spy Jeffrey serving tea and infused vodka on your way out. Maybe he’ll be wearing his plaid bow tie. Yummy.

Meander around and find some of my favorites: Miss K, who has done my nails forever, has finally agreed to let me use her name and brag about her a bit. There’s BabyLux, the place to go for duds for little ones and Amazing Kate’s, the place to get your smoothie, caffeine buzz or the best chicken salad sandwich on earth. Stay tuned dolls.

There’s also bound to be a bit of news now and again. Like today, when I spent the day with a group of kickass chicks forming an organization to benefit every woman in Arizona. No lie. Stuff you want. Stuff you need. All with the open heart of women helping each other.

Got something to share? You’ve come to the right place. Drop me a line right there on the Contact page. BTW–the most requested addition. I didn’t know I was that hard to find. I’ll answer–promise.

One more bonus. Our little white cat? That’s her right there on the Home page. You’re welcome.


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