Sat In Shat?…

Buzzfeed makes for light hearted entertainment while waiting in waiting rooms, bored at work or simply ignoring whomever is blathering on about why manners are outdated. I fell off my unicorn when I came across this: “People Pooping in Fitting Rooms is a Thing That Shouldn’t Be A Thing.” Stop it. That can’t be true.

But then buzzfeed, that master of catching all that is social in the social media world, with neither quiz nor celebitchy photo, offers up the proof. Tweets from both the cleaner-uppers and the poopers themselves. Whaaa? Color me baffled. Not only does someone actually ooze excrement somewhere other than the privacy of their own home when no one is about, but they tweet about it? As if this were prideful behavior? As if your mother does not stalk your twitter? It may have been in a Forever 21, but still. Pfft.

Some of the tweets:

“So someone took a crap in the fitting room today. Feeling the love.”

“To everyone who thinks a job at Victoria’s Secret is glamorous…Today I found and cleaned up a poop in the fitting room.”

“Well someone just took a shit on the floor at Kohl’s”

“I used to work at J Crew until I quit because someone took a dump in a fitting room. I wasn’t about to clean up someone’s J Poo!” I like this girl.

The story further reports this happens at virtually every establishment including Dillards, Hollister and most often, Forever 21. Now, at Hollister, given how dark it is and the blaring music, perhaps people are just scared shitless–who knows.

Is there explanation? One Nikki says, “Life is too precious to pass up the opportunity to take a dump in an Abercrombie dressing room.” Nikki dear, I understand the clothes are made for extra small, wee people and perhaps you don’t care for moose, but defecation in the dressing room? Even wolves didn’t raise you. They would have extricated you from the den.

An abomination known as WethyKicky offers, “You haven’t lived until you’ve taken a dump in a men’s fitting room. Victory is mine!” What victory is that exactly dear? Did you win a medal perhaps? A scholarship of some sort? Make a new friend?

Manners have indeed sunk to a new low. Some of us are bothered merely by public belching, chewing with mouths agape and fork use. Imagine the amount of hard liquor it will take to scrub this image from our brains. One customer does report, after having sat in shat at a Victoria’s Secret, because why would one assume there would be poop on the chair, VS gave her a one hundred dollar gift certificate.

Question is: Are there enough Benjamins to erase that memory? I think not my friend. I think not.


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