A Patriot?…

To me, an everyday patriot does the simplest of things to demonstrate his or her beliefs. Simple things like removing a cap at the beginning of sporting events and placing one’s hand over one’s heart when reciting the pledge. Also knowing the pledge, believing the pledge and believing it is the best way to start the day in American classrooms.

Patriots back their country when their country isn’t cool. They are not blind but they are allied to a belief that includes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Understand pursuit; not guarantee. Patriots know freedom was not granted to us from on high. It was fought for with the blood of our forefathers and their sons. It was demonstrated on the battlefields which pitted North against South and man against man. It is known in the hearts of families today who sacrifice sons and daughters so that we can drink beer on Memorial Day, weep at a wall with far too many names in DC and say whatever the hell we please.

A real patriot pays the ultimate price for his country as does his or her family. And we should all be grateful. Patriots serve the people. Patriots fly planes leaving our ships at sea risking their own lives for what we, as a nation, believe. Patriots are the first on the ground, like our Marines at Normandy, whose bodies never made it home. Patriots respect our leaders regardless of party. Patriots salute our soldiers regardless of wartime opinions. Patriots place coins on headstones in our military cemetaries. Patriots know the United States of America is the finest country in the world and freedom is a privilege afforded very few.

Most importantly, patriots know freedom is not free. Mr. Snowden, you are no patriot. Our first clue? You refer to yourself as such. Asshat.

Other clues?

You served at the “highest levels” within our government at 28? Without an education? Without a day of military service? With that weakass mustache?

You were trained as a spy? Really? Having never read America’s spy book I can’t claim expertise. I would imagine, however, pretty close to the front of the manual, it states that spies are kind of secretive, non?  That others don’t know they are spies? That spy training and management is kind of a small network on a need-to-know kind of basis? Just sayin’.

That you sit in a chair with your legs splayed about and a little slouched. You’re a patriot? And your mother never taught you to sit up straight? You go on national television spouting your spydom, extensive governmental access and experience, basically publicly pleading your case, and don’t wear a tie? Have you never seen James Bond? Spies wear ties.

Patriots generally keep their smug in a jar and take it out only when dealing with the enemy. Snowden instead takes his out, wears it proudly for all to see and goads the American government and present administration. If they weren’t pissed before, they are now.

Most disturbing, in polls taken yesterday before the interview and this morning, the American public flip flopped. Yesterday, the man was a traitor. Today, he is a patriot. Let’s try one more. A patriot is defined as, “one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interest.” Bubble burst–did you hear it?

The man is changing his mind because he is now experiencing what it is to live without American freedom which he so egoistically took for granted. Welcome to world Mr. Patriot. Perhaps, in a few years, after full realization of what it means to be an American, you will indeed understand patriotism. Right now, real American patriots are safer with you over there.

Besides, who the hell could concentrate on this child’s blathering when the camera kept cutting to Brian Williams. My,my, my. This girl would have been rendered speechless by the eyes alone. Not to mention the suit and tie. Pfft.




3 thoughts on “A Patriot?…”

  1. On point! Didn’t see the entire thing, but what I did see? Tsk tsk. A cocky SOB. Just yuck.

    On a lighter note. Loved your Bond comments. “Spies Wear Ties” could be your next big thing in my opinion.


  2. I’m so happy I was too busy working to watch this interview. A “spy” doesn’t seek to be the center of attention, Mr. Snowden (or “snowmen,” as my phone corrected me). On that note, I’m certain his name would have been added to the iPhone dictionary if that man was of any significance. Oy vey.


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