Random Thoughts for the Week

Things cross my mind during the week and I jot them down for Saturday posting. Musings shall we say…

Facebook: Isn’t it like little mini phone calls to and from your friends–the kind we used to have time for when we all sat at home and ate bon-bons? I find it a sweet little catch up in the middle of a harried day to hear from an old friend. I like knowing that their children are well and that business is good. I also like a good stalking of an old bitch that I hate every once in a while.

Kelly Osbourne’s hair is really bothering me. This has been going on for a while now. I am baffled as to how this girl qualifies as a fashionista, and I do not, for Fashion Police but I try really hard not to pick on young women, karma and all. But this purple-grey hair, what is that? While everyone on Fashion Police would rip the shit out of someone else with old lady hair, why does Kelly get a pass? And why did I laugh out loud when I read that she fell flat on her face at a taping of America’s Got Talent. Shame on me. Still hate her hair.

Have you seen the supposed new jewelry trend? It’s away from the statement necklace and toward the collar. While the collar is cute and all, I doubt the statement necklace will go quietly into that good night. Just not buying it. First off, we invested too much in them and, duh, they make a statement. Not nearly as much as my beloved pearls, but a lovely statement always carries more weight than a yell in your face or a meek request. I just don’t see the coy collar taking over for the in your face boldness of a statement necklace with a stunning silk blouse or deep v little black dress, especially if part of that statement is adorned with pearls.

And is anyone else happy that Matt Lauer is feeling the rath of his own supercilious arrogance? It’s about time he got bitten in the butt by his own self-importance–hurts doesn’t it silly boy? There was a time when he was kind of cute and entertaining. Then he became more important than guests and the news. Remember, “Matt, you are smug.” Not that Tom Cruise has a bead on the heartbeat of America either, just saying. The unceremonious dumping of Ann Curry was because she is actually a newsperson and made Matt look like the braying, self-important twit that he is. And now, it comes home to roost. Cock-a-doodle doo Matt. Dont let the screen door hit you.

That’s all (insert Miranda Priestly’s voice here).

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