Heggs Auto Group…

Alvin Heggs


This guy is not your ordinary car dealer. When you buy a car from his dealership, Heggs Auto Group, there are no shenanigans. I bought my car in two hours!

It’s the way Alvin believes in doing business. “I love what I do and I want everyone who drives off this lot to be happy.” And he means it. They tell me when it’s time for an oil change, send me reminders and wash my car whenever I show up at the dealership.

Funny thing–cars is not Big Al’s first job. He reinvented himself after playing in the NBA and all over Europe. He bought dealerships in Houston and, lucky for us, relocated to Mesa last year.

He is also fast making a name as a Valley philanthropist, providing scholarship money for underprivileged youth, sponsoring teams and taking care of both staff and community. Staff members are known to suddenly find whatever they need thanks to Big Al’s generosity.

And then, there’s that smile. Big Al is one happy guy and it’s infectious. Giving back can do that.

Around here, he’s known as The Duke of Cars, providing us with maintenance, buying, selling and all things car tips. He’s also telling us about The Car of the Month, ensuring we make the right, informed choice.

When you visit Heggs Auto Group, tell them The Duchess sent you!