Magic Zip Code…


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This girl is the white picket fence of real estate. She’s the perfect trim on exactly what you’re looking for. If your search includes a slick, fast talking realtor eager to tell you what you need, you’ll be disappointed.

Magic Zip Code is what’s magic for you. Deana gets that. She doesn’t “specialize.” Her homes aren’t only above a specific price range or in a certain area. Her “listings” are “people.”

And the people in her back pocket are ready to help. She’s got a guy or girl for everything: staging, remodeling, painting, housesitting, financing and whatever makes your move easier. She gets that buying, selling and relocating can be difficult. Additional talents? She’s a residential property manager and creates packages for downsizing. She handles the whole enchilada–list your “too big” house, link you to a financial gal who can handle the mind boggling money side, find your new smaller abode, get it fixed just right, facilitate your move out and move in all while holding your hand through the process. She’ll even arrange for your new abode to be cared for while you summer somewhere other than the surface of the sun.

Again–she’s got a guy. And a girl. And another girl.