Life In The Dale

An idea emerged through the fog, even though our beloved Scottsdale rarely gets fog. Expand the Diaries. Ideas jumped forth. An added section, “Living In The Dale.”

There’s so much to love, to explore, to share. Although, not too many of you better move here. We like it just the way it is–gorgeous desert, food to die for, shops galore and any lifestyle of your choosing. We’ve got it all, without the California prices, Midwestern judgement or East Coast elitism. Oh hush. You know it’s true.

You can get whatever you like in The Dale. You can live however you like. We don’t much care ‘cuz we’re too busy living our best lives.

This girl’s been researching. Everything printed, published and cast about online about our beloved Dale is on the pricey side, over the top, glitter bombed, designer. Truth is, my Dale has an active underbelly that is local artisans, shops, restaurants, families that make the best fare, markets and creatives that bring the city to life. We’re going after the pulse. And a little glitz, but that’s been done to death.

My advantage? I lived the life, shopped the shops. When The Norwegian died and my world flipped upside down, I was forced to find things, “on the cheap.” I never was a crazy spender, even when I had it. But faced with no Norwegian money, I had no choice but to find the best of the best with fewer dollar signs.

How about we journey together through my town? How about all the Duchess Dolls, residing here or not, find out why Duchess followers love the Dale? How about we go to all the favorite dives, examine the favorite wares and meet the fave people?

Living In The Dale starts this weekend with a trip to the Old Town Scottsdale Farmer’s Market—a haven of fruits, veggies, artisans and people with their dogs. We’ll go together.

With all the virus news, maybe it won’t be crowded. Or cancelled. Cross your fingers.