Wine Is The Only Answer…

Three cups of coffee paired with Sunday morning political shows makes me an expert in foreign policy, the needs of the electorate and who should be president. Just kidding, no one on either ticket should be president.

This morning’s news flurry features the DNC emails. Is Hillary, in her best $12,500 jacket, ready to be double dogged with email problems? Dems appear to have cornered the market on inability to use computers and recognize “on the net” means “in the public eye.” Unless, of course, you’ve wiped it with a cloth, ala the blueberry suited one.
Startling commentary today comes from Donna Brazile. You know Donna; the Hillary shill disguised as political commentarist. Watch This Week and discover her secret talent—the ability to interject the words “Hillary Clinton” into any conversation. This day, however, we see Donna attempting graciousness. Individual eyebrows raise of their own accord.

When questioned about the debacle, Donna apologizes to Bernie and notes the “stupidity” of the party. The noise my brain makes is akin to a needle sliding across an LP.

It takes but a few hours for news to emerge that DNC head Wasserman Schultz will step down and, surprise, vice chair Brazile will step in. Hence the graciousness.

I may not be the most savvy of PR professionals but even I know not to replace a problem with the same problem. In this case, the DNC simply shone a flashlight up the hind end of Hillary and fished out the next yes man, or woman in this case. Isn’t the problem that the party chair is supposed to maintain an air of impartiality? Instead, the DNC replaces one Clinton campaign chair for another and one Hillary ring kisser with the next in line.

We get Brazile admires Hillary. We’ve never doubted her fandom. She’s amongst those who believe Hillary has accomplishments of her own and that she’s a champion for women. Granted, they’re women who meet the criteria—not cookie bakers, tea makers or twenty-two-year-olds who fall for the charms of their handsy bosses. The job, however, demands at least a pretend even playing field.

What can we anticipate at this week’s convention? Same as last week. The same gaffes. The same accusations. The same butt kissing. The same half-truths and full on lies. And a heaping helping of nothing. Nothing that a country in need of leadership is thirsting for.

In quenching that thirst, wine with our politics may be the only sane answer.


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