Virtual Test Drive…A Real Thing

I run into a friend who took a trip to meet my favorite car dealer, Big Al. He tells me all about his experience. Just as I said he would, he had a great time—a first for car buying, got the deal he was after and was most impressed taking the virtual test drives before he decided which car to buy. Whaaa?

That’s right, Virtual Test Drives. I hustle myself to Superstition Springs website to take a test drive myself. Of course, I test my car, the 200, and sure enough find myself armed with all the info I might need before hitting the dealership. How cool is that? It takes very little to entertain the “non-techy” amongst us.
I tell Big Al and he says his aim is to make it easy. “Buying a car should not be a chore. It’s a thing to be excited about.”

Perhaps that’s why when you buy a car at his place, you have to bang a giant gong in front of everyone. They don’t take no for answer. This girl can attest to having to lift the giant banger thing and gonging in a dress and heels despite my protestations. Every time I’m there, I hear the gong and I check to see if the girl with the banger wants to die of embarrassment as well. Most do. But, evidently, it’s a way for everyone to feel like part of the family.

Both Middle Chicken and Oldest Chicken banged the gong. Baby Chicken did not have the pleasure as she was in Alabama. Sweet Home saved her once again. That is not to say some don’t bang the gong with gusto. They do. They’re just mostly guys. Go figure.

So I ask about summer and whether car dealers are hit with the doldrums that businesses experience as everyone heads to San Diego to escape the surface of the sun. Big Al laughs and says they just put everything on sale.

Like what? A 2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude can be leased for $189 per month. The Dodge Challenger, a muscle offering, can be had for $199 a month and a brand new 200 comes with $4500 in total values.

It’s also summer clearance time for Ram Trucks. The 1500 Big Horns include rebates as high as $5000.

Of course, all new inventories fall under “Slam Dunk Deal” prices. Remember—Al’s a former basketball star. He also throws in five years of free oil changes for any new purchase. No lie.

Check out inventory and take that virtual test drive here. Tell them The Duchess sent you. See what happens.


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