Thoughts, Ladies?

Writers spend a good amount of time in their own heads. When they do come up for air, they are attracted to the most interesting people and fare. After all, the real world has to compete with all that fantasy lodged in those slightly twisted brains. Lately, this girl has been running into some fascinating girls. Trying to figure out how to share them with everyone.
And then it hits me. How about Ladies’ Day? Stick with me now. Most of us are unable to pick up the phone and ask business mavens, fashion icons, politicians, or any successful chick we don’t know to lunch. Am I right?

How about I do it for us? Here’s my thought. Through the blog, I run across fascinating chicks with equally fascinating lives, loves and advice. What if we got them in a room for lunch and some chatting?

Remember The Fixer? She’s up for the challenge. We all know I can talk up a storm. The Fixer says she’ll talk about business, sizing up other people for our own success or anything we like. Another chick I’ve met, and admire, is running a successful business all on her own. How about experts on hair, fashion, legislature, education, health, beauty, manners, career, decorating?

We put two or three amazeballs girls in a room, along with lunch—kind of like an extended lunch and learn. Charge would be for lunch and a little more to pay speakers—some big kahunas need to be paid. A little more and we split proceeds with a nonprofit. I’m thinking HEAL would be up first. My brain is pointing toward a Fall start. No need for any of us to melt in the name of good deeds.

So what I want to know from you, my Duchess Dolls: Would you attend a Ladies’ Day, maybe quarterly, that featured lunch and amazing speakers on all types of subjects that enrich our lives and give to charity at the same time? Go to the contact page and send over your thoughts. Or just send a quick note to info@theduchessdiaries.com.

*Photo: Pinterest via networkinginvan.com

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