Protect Your Car From Heat…

The Duke tells us, “Number one in the summer is to protect your car from the heat. Just like everything else, your car needs to be shielded from the brutal sun.” Don’t know The Duke of Cars? He’s only our expert on buying, selling and caring for one of your most expensive possessions.

We asked him for tips after last week’s record breaking Arizona temps. Some surprised this girl.
Take A Bath
Caring for cars in the extreme heat includes washing them regularly. Who knew? Some of us are already freaks about a clean car, but had no idea it served a purpose other than aesthetics. Keeping a car free of dirt and debris evidently helps all parts and insides perform better. This includes wax. Applying a coat of wax protects the finish from the harsh sun rays and Consumer Reports even suggests a good wax each spring and fall. The Duke says it’s a must.

Test Your Battery
Everyone living on the surface of the sun knows that summer is brutal on car batteries. You go into the mall, come out and the car won’t start. Doesn’t even turn over. Pfft. Testing it regularly will alert you to its dwindling power. Wiping the top of the battery itself will keep dirt from making its way in and causing battery fluid to evaporate. What is it they say about cleanliness and godliness?

Wear Your Shades
Just as you protect your face, protect your delicate car. Yes, it becomes more delicate in the harsh summer months. We tend to think we’re off the hook as we don’t endure snowstorms, ice or below zero temps. Heat can be just as bad, says The Duke. Always park inside if you can. Besides, you need the extra few steps right? Can’t keep your car in covered parking? Use a car cover.

When you’re in the office parking lot, use that shade shield that’s only a few bucks at Target. It protects the dash, steering wheel and it does cool the car down a bit, even if it doesn’t seem so. You’ll be glad your interior isn’t fading and deteriorating.

Use Your Tint
Tinted windows are a must in Arizona, and not just for good looks. They really are like sunglasses for your car. Interior temps stay lower than they would, and seats, leather or cloth, remain protected.

Crack The Windows
Whaaa? Yep, lower them a smidge. It’ll be enough to vent the hot air and keep air moving believe it or not. It also protects your front windshield—another sufferer of the Arizona sun. No cracks or breaks. Yippee.

Need help with a car checkup? The Duke’s crew is available. Open on Saturdays and every night. Give service a call at (877) 297-8992 or talk to someone online here. Tell them the duchess sent you and see what happens. It’s a service dolls!


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