Are You Wearing Your Power Panties?…

Generally I know what elicits reader response. Commentary sometimes surprises. Most recent: Why no word on the presidential campaign?, getting one’s business on the sponsor page, becoming “Who’s Who” and the power of matching undies.
As you know, only the Taliban could make me vote for the woman in the blueberry suit. Wrapping my head around which criminal to jump in with is perplexing. The brain hurts but I will comment. Silence is not one of my virtues.

Sponsor? Easy. Go to the contact page and we’ll send ad rates and info. It’s cheaper than print media, most electronic media and the demographic is spendy. “Who’s Who” is a little harder.Send your info, your business, your community work and we’ll vet you. Now onto underwear.

A staunch believer in the power of the undergarment, I recently advised my little one to always wear matching undies and bras in the workplace. She got a job two weeks out of college.

The world can be tough for women, not just in the workplace but on the mommy battlefields as well. Been on both sides. Work is easier. Nothing is tougher than repelling the slings and arrows of other mothers. Work—it’s usually men, and well, you know. Once you figure one out, it’s all downhill for him after that. One of the secrets: matching accouterments under your suit or yoga pants.
Matching sets have all the power of the power tie. You stand a little taller, speak up a little more and lean in, even if it’s just to adjust your thong. Tell the truth, you’ve gyrated in your chair adjusting a wayward boob or traveling panty line. Like Olympic gymnasts, we lose points tugging on butt covers or tucking on straps.
Sets don’t have to be sets. I first learned this a million years ago while still impressionable and wanting to be impossibly French. Did you know French women spend more money on underwear than on outerwear? Partly because during those long lunch hours they favor afternoon dalliances and they know the power. Have you ever seen a shy, retiring French girl? Or a fat one? Or one who doesn’t eat bread? Coco knew what she was doing when she banished the corset and gave way to lacy underthings that freed us from boning and waist shaping.

A reader says she’s wearing matching undies and bras. Well into her forties, she wishes she had known earlier. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she laughs. She is inexplicably more confident than last time I saw her. No lie.

They can be expensive to be sure. Securing a La Perla involves a loan and three co-signers but even Walmart displays matching sets for the twins. Not that I’ve been there. I just heard it’s true. Target does for sure—seen them, maybe bought them. Of course, it’s part of Victoria’s many secrets. And even Nordy’s puts them on sale a couple of times a year.

Try it. For one week, wear panties and bras that match or at least coordinate—meaning if they were outerwear, you’d go to the grocery store in them. No greens with reds or tattered whites with beige saggy straps. Hike up the girls. Tuck your butt into either a Hanky Panky thong—the best beginner thong or a cheek-lifting bikini—Donna Karen is good and they’re at Marshalls for three bucks. Report back.

Notice your perked up nature. Is that a swagger? The Judgey McJudgey Pants moms won’t know what to do with you. Own the boardroom. Did the chairman just sneak a peak? Asshat. Catch his eye so he knows you know. Double down. Ain’t nothing getting in the way of a girl in power panties.


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