OJ Rewind…

There’s a difference between those who remember the events and those watching FX’s interpretation of what happened after OJ Simpson killed two people and subsequently walked away because of a driving glove and an angry LA still smarting over Rodney King.

Watching the OJ series, we wonder if producers are going to school us on other famous trials–say the Menendez Brothers or Jeffrey Dahmer or any of the myriad of sick, twisted tabloid fodder we adore. Tell the truth, you can’t resist.
I see the tabloids and my brain says, “I knew he was a cheater. I just knew she wasn’t nice. You can tell.” I hold myself above it all since I never buy it but at checkout, my eyes wander. Can’t put my finger on what I get from it but I keep looking. Explains the whole Real Housewives fascination, non?

Tuning in with Middle Chicken proves most interesting. She is astonished that a nation was riveted by a successful female lawyer’s hair. ’Tis true say I and remember wondering about Marcia Clark’s hair at the time. She shakes her head. Evidently she doesn’t remember the same toward Hillary. Neither accomplishment, nor lack thereof, was ever mentioned without some snark about her hair. That’s as close as I come to complimenting the faux feminist who dresses herself as a blueberry. See?

Young one is surprised people sat bolted to their televisions day after day. I remind her reality television, in its present form, did not exist. As a group, we rarely glanced into the lives of people who wore gloves to drive about California and erected statues of themselves in their backyards. The lives of rich and famous athletes, actors and singers were not served to us daily.

She, a lawyer, is aghast at the courtroom shenanigans. For those who never saw the inside of a courtroom; who knew all trials weren’t so engrossing? Fast forward to jury duty in 2012 and I am board to tears listening to the DA’s description of a New Year’s Eve robbery. Johnnie Cochran could have turned our small time robber into a folk hero.

One could argue reality television was born with the OJ trial. Enough people made a living off of it. Faye Resnick shared all of Nicole’s secrets after she wasn’t around to protect herself. Kris Jenner cashed in big time creating a billion dollar empire built on a  sex tape. Nancy Grace, a small time commentator, continues to yell at criminals, real and imagined, to this day.

Without the trial, would they have gone on to reality fame? Would we have watched? Sounds kind of chicken and egg, non?

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