The Stuff Of Fairytales…

In the days when The Norwegian was alive, I loved little more than donning gowns and fab shoes for charity. So much fun. Until it’s not. It gets old and there’s only so many ways to make chicken.

I found after I went back to work that planning events was much more fun than attending them. There is one exception—The Fairytale Tea put on every year by HEAL. You know HEAL, my favorite nonprofit even before I learned firsthand how important they are. I attend this event every year, except for last year when I was having my neck sliced open to extract cancer from my lymph nodes. My excitement to return and the chance to really understand, to really get it, is palpable.

For those out of the loop, HEAL stands for Happily Ever After League. See the logo, right above the copy on the front page of the Diaries? It’s there because of all they do and give to the community and mothers with cancer. Their leader, Lauren Daniels, had breast cancer. In her going deep, as all touched by cancer do, she thought of how difficult the endeavor would be without support, insurance and yep, the big one, money.

She wanted to find a way to help mothers undergoing cancer treatment. It’s a no-no to set up a nonprofit and give away cash. But you can do it other ways. HEAL gives American Express gift cards to mothers to help with the cost of cancer. It is up to each individual mother what they do—pay the electric bill, doctor co-pays, chemo, and groceries—totally up to her. It’s a small gesture. But in the big scheme of cancer, it means the world. I heard from the girls at HEAL only days after my diagnosis went “public.” Delivered to my door was a basket filled with lotions and potions, a prayer shawl, a beautiful note from Lauren and a card, which helped me pay for a doctor consult from Johns Hopkins.
So how do they raise funds? From people like you and me. And they have the most fun doing it at The Fairytale Tea. It’s more than you can imagine. Groups of women decorate tables in fairytale garb in a competition to come up with the best table. You may run into Pinocchio, Snow White, Cruella Deville and A Secret Garden. These tables are out of bounds. Each year they become more extraordinary.
My plea is that you join us this year. It is hands down, the most fun you will ever have at a fundraiser. And it’s tea, there’s not a chicken in sight. The women? Mostly grateful, mostly healed, all kickass.

These chicks you’ve got to meet. Individual tickets are $60 and a table is $600. You can get your girls together and decorate or just take a look this year. You can also have a table decorated for you. You’ll walk away with some new girlfriends and learn the meaning of warrior.

Go to the website here to get full details and register: http://www.happilyeverafterleague.org.

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