It’s Truck Month(s)…

Each month we contact Big Al at Superstition Springs Chrysler to chat about what’s news in the car world. February and March are truck months—both of them. And the lot is filled with the Ram truck of your choice.

I wonder—how to interest the dolls in buying a truck?  Then it hits me. What’s in it for us?
First up are muscles. And muscles lead to manly. And manly leads to helping us do things, especially the heavy stuff we don’t care to. Have you ever seen a tiny, scrawny guy driving a truck? Think driving a truck and thoughts wander to cowboy types with sinewy muscles, boots and a crooked smile.

Think of what you could do with that boy, my dolls. Since he’s a simpler guy, he’d make up a picnic basket to throw in the back of that truck along with some pillows, blankets and a bottle of wine. Dinner at dusk in the back of that burly truck, followed by a romantic night desert star gazing without fear of snakes and scorpions.

When it’s time to fill your garden, what better way than his truck? Stuffing that back end with flora and veggies and everything to make the yard fab can be hauled home in his Ram truck without any heavy lifting or mess in your little sporty car.

Same for when he owes you for sitting through another Stooges marathon. Antiquing time. There has to be some way to lug that armoire home, non? Hunky man with the truck to the rescue.

Did you meet him at your favorite dive country bar? Of course you did. It was his two-step and blue eyes that pulled you in. Let your ride home be in his tricked out truck.

He’s waiting for you outside work. Jeans slouch perfectly, boots scuffed enough to show he’s a working man. And there he is just leaning against that truck waiting for you. He leads you to the shotgun seat and helps your delicate little self up and in. Off you go for dinner and a movie or just a movie curled up with your sweetie at home.

Still think a truck’s not hot?

Call Big Al at Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 877-218-7681 or check out inventory on the website, supercj.com. Tell them The Duchess sent you. See what happens.


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