If Only Girls Could Think For Themselves…

It seems young American women can think for themselves, thank you. And apparently have no worries about going to hell for it. Hillary, for once, enlisted gaffes instead of spewing them herself. She did, however, cackle.

Last weekend, she procured the help of Madeleine Albright in New Hampshire. Why? No one seems to know. The Clinton era Secretary of State was famous for accomplishing little. She made up for it Saturday, pulling out the big guns.
“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” Yep, she spewed one of the most overused phrases uttered by women pissed at one another, as her threat to female voters in New Hampshire. The cackle heard all the way in Arizona signaled Hillary’s approval.

Evidently, if policy doesn’t sway the vote of your sisters, threats are in order. Sadly, for the lady in monochrome, young women don’t fear hell. She took a shellacking Tuesday night and Bernie Sanders tucked the votes of young ladies in his backpack.

Gloria Steinem added her two cents as well. She told Bill Maher, “When you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys’? The boys are with Bernie.” I know when I was part of the under thirty set, I consulted all the boys I knew in order to cast my vote. They’re just so smart and well informed.

In college, a poster hung on my wall: “A woman needs a man about as much as a fish needs a bicycle.” The words were Steinem’s. The kinship ended when she insulted my daughters and their ability to participate in politics without following their boyfriends into the voting booth. Pfft.

Steinem later called the incident, “talk show interruptus,” passing the buck to Bill Maher and his nastiness in taking her at her word. After all, the leader of feminism is so timid she doesn’t know how to shut down a guy who interrupts her on national television.

The thing the ladies do have in common is age. Steinem is 81 and Albright is 78. Does Hillary think enlisting grandmothers to prevail upon young female voters is a wise choice? Waving hell over their heads and suggesting their decision-making is more empty-headed than thought induced is a misstep of the highest order.

If only young women could think for themselves. Perhaps their votes would be based on such silliness as the economy, education, war, jobs and foreign policy. Silly girls. If only they had some sweet, grandmotherly types to tell them what to do.


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