Another Doll Visits The Duke…

Another Duchess Doll goes to visit The Duke of Cars. Don’t know the Duke? He’s my car guy. I recommend him to everyone. How many people actually have a car dealer they like?

So one of the dolls makes a visit. She’s after a new car. Her only other car was a gift from her father—poor girl. She’s nervous, budget conscious and hates big purchases. Hold onto your hat girlfriend. Buying a car can make you break out in hives on all three counts. It’s one of those times a girl actually believes in separation of the sexes. Doesn’t buying a car just seem like a guy job?
What I find out when I pester for a full report is that, although it was a long day-it was Saturday and she is a first-time buyer-it was not the nightmare for which she girded.

The place is packed. Evidently every family in Mesa decided Saturday was car-buying day. The Duke, who owns the dealership, sets her up with Jim, a fatherly type who tries to ease her worries. She says its not working. She’s got herself so worked up she’s tipping between barfing on the spot and leaving. She consults her phone for the bus schedule.

She narrows her choices to two: one black and one white, one brand new, one less brand new but not even close to well worn. Jim tells her she’s got to test drive each one. There’s no other way to know. She drives each one and the white one steals her heart between the freeway and the gas station. She consults her mother, her boyfriend and paces a bit. She’s been to the bathroom about five times.

The papers go to finance and she watches the balloon guy arrive and change out the ones hanging festively from the ceiling. Jim says the guy is really talented and evidently provides balloons to dealerships all over the valley. It’s his holiday balloons that really wow.

Paperwork complete; time to bang the gong. No kidding. One of Big Al’s trademarks is that every person who buys a car has to bang a giant gong in the middle of the showroom floor and everyone claps. Gong. Her deal is done. No haggle.

“What’s the deal?” she asks. “There was none of that back and forth stuff. I just signed a bunch of papers and got a car.”

“That’s why I like him,” I tell her.

She texts, “Isn’t she pretty?” with a picture of her purchase. I receive my photo and agree, yes, indeed, she’s a keeper.

I had to. She bought my car—the sexy little Chrysler 200—the car for all the dolls. Every time I send one of the girls over there, she returns with a 200. What must these girls have in common? Why, good taste of course.

Wanna visit The Duke yourself? Give Big Al a call 800-406-0882 or visit the website, http://www.supercj.com. Tell him a whole bunch of Duchess Dolls sent you.


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