Trending Men…

The Duchess woke this morning to find her ever so sparkling wit concerning Mr. Boehner trending on twitter. Check for yourself, #johnboehnersface. Small squee.  Commentary from the dolls is not as political as it is physical: the eyes, the handsome mug and superior tie choice.

Did you see the tie the day after in press conference explanation of the Netanyahu invite?

BTW, Boehner didn’t have to secure the White House’s permission to ask Bibi to speak to Congress. Evidently, what’s good for the goose is not good for the White House gander. Who knew?


Meantime, one duchess doll points us in the direction of another man who catches the eye and is neither 25 nor ripped. One can only assume on the ripped part, given the age and all. Good shape probable but ripped, probably not. Gives all of us with sagging breasts hope. She’s talking about that Dos Equis guy. You know, The Most Interest Man in The World.

So I did some recon. You know for reporting and all. Both are married. Both, it seems, are well aware the effect their faces have on the fairer sex, if the rumors are to be believed. And who believes those? Interesting Man is on wife number three so there’s that. Boehner’s had only one and ignores, frequently, comments about alleged affairs.

Boehner golfs, smokes cigarettes and takes care of all that House business. He does it in exquisite suits and shoes, power worn well on his sleeve and an occasional show of emotion from the podium. Take away the power, the suits, the face and the money and he’s just an Average Joe. Although the eyes might prove leg wobblers over dinner.

Most Interesting Man does have a name. Jonathan Goldsmith is not a swashbuckling swarthy Latin pirate but a Russian Jew who’s been around the acting scene forever. He does however, lives on a boat with his third wife in Marina Del Ray. Or did until recently. Word is there’s a house in Vermont. The boat thing explains the tan.

Though he tells the world The Most Interesting Man drinks Dos Equis, he prefers scotch or a martini. Swoon. There is something about a man who swills hard, dark liquor non? In cut crystal, saxophone playing in the distance; the weather just hot enough to call for a fan. Oh my.

He was asked to leave college due to excessive partying and some sort of peccadillo with a professor. Can you blame the poor woman? Imagine facing that face every day. Pfft.

Turns out he is pretty interesting. He’s big in Save The Tigers and he once saved a girl from drowning in Malibu. Fernando Lamas, a friend back in the day, is the impetus for the Dos Equis guy and Goldsmith does actually have quite a bit to say about what Interesting Man says, with input into quotes and such. Fernando, you remember, Saturday Night Live fans, “You look mahvelous.” That’s him. He, too, was quite the smolderer.

He’s a little older than one might guess—76. And he’s not a giant of a man at 5’7.” The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.


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