A YaYa Holiday…

It wouldn’t be a holiday, or any festivity, without a YaYa celebration. Not in the know? The YaYas are a collection of eight, varied and different girls with friendship in common. And a love of wine. And parties. And clothes. And pearls. And happiness. And a holiday white elephant every year featuring our “favorite things.”
Sensing a theme? Keeping with the focus of this year’s holiday—The Regular Girls Favorite Things–last night the two collided. Is there a list? You know these girls don’t disappoint.

Our Bean, who refuses to play by the rules, brings “happys” to start us out. When questioned why she broke the rules, she shrugs, “I don’t follow any stinkin’ rules.” The rules clearly state one gift around 25 dollars and a toy for Crisis Nursery. Bean has a gift, a bunch of toys and a bag of goodies for everyone.
Since we’ve all reached the age of unable to read the menu, her bag of tricks includes magnifying glasses, decorated for a Dowager Countess. I’m thinking of putting mine on a necklace to prevent stumbling about on the way to the bathroom at three in the morning. Imagine, after wine, what the Yayas made of those. She also includes wine sippers—a crystal sippy cup for big girls. It’s a wine glass with little legs to hold it steady and a built in straw for easy access. Not another Jewish girl on planet earth enjoys Christmas giving more than this chick. A million thanks Bean!

Each year, there is considerable stealing. We bring our favorite things but we know each other so well, we always yearn for the other’s faves. Happens every season. This year proves no different.

This girl brought Nick and Nora’s in a sweet pattern depicting how to make a sock monkey (no lie). Opened by the Divine Miss S, she’d not heard of them. Whaaa? An audible gasp goes round the table. Sisterella spills her wine. No matter. Sippy cup refilled and Bean steals them in the next round. Not for long as Perfect Blonde is right behind and stealing of the Nick and Nora’s reaches completion.

Bean wails, “No one wears flannel pajamas more than me. A different pair every night.” Aghast is written upon her face. Santa may have to take care of that.
Hanky Panky’s are up next. Greene Mom gets them and is unaware of their magnificent comfort. She decides she wants them when filled in on how much her husband will appreciate what they do for a girl’s bum. You know how I feel about Hanky Panky’s. Did I not advise every doll to fill her stocking with these power thongs? Not to be outwitted by someone who doesn’t even know of their existence, I go in for the steal. Greene Mom is usually quite well behaved, even on the quiet side. A few turns go by. Imagine my shock as she robs me of free Hanky Panky’s. My mouth hits the floor. My eyes bulge. I mutter, “bitch.”

A kerfuffle erupts over a certain necklace as well. Long and lovely with a stunning tassel about the end. Stolen three times, each time with gusto and a sadistic smile. Mama Mar feels so bad, she promises to gift one to the Divine Miss S, her devastation that great.

Looks like all the girls are out on the town today ensuring our besties aren’t left without their new faves. Moral of the story? The best gift for any holiday is friendship. Pack that in your stocking dolls.


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