Sweet Treats…

Every girl needs a little chocolate to get through the night. No need to go any further dolls. We’ve got sweet treats for the regular girls fave list too. Shall we start at Costco?

It’s the peppermint bark hands down. There is no finer, regardless of cash laid out. Hide some chunks for yourself or the chickens will eat it all. Same goes for the chocolate covered cherries. These aren’t your last minute drug store cherries. These are cherries on crack that come from the land of the giants. Save these for when the chickens go to bed and you have gifts to wrap.
The toffee bark at Sur La Table is to die. Thank Sweet Baby Jesus it’s not available all year through. Our asses would count it as a tragedy given our inability to resist. Don’t even try.

Shari’s Berries are amazeballs. They are huge and decorated and delish. I send so many of these and recommend them so often they should give me a commission. Or at least advertise on the blog. Did ya’ hear that Shari of Shari’s Berries? One person called them my “duty gift.” Your loss, girlfriend. They may be my go to, but your mouth is watering now, non?

Cookies. Is there Christmas without cookies? Is Santa real? Does Rudolph have a red nose? For busy moms with little time for rolling and baking, I spied in the grocery store, just the other day, rolled sugar cookie dough. Whaaa? Right? I stopped dead in my tracks and called for Middle Chicken to look. We stood in silent shock.

Pair that with frosting with food coloring and get your piping bag ready. Santas, reindeer, stars and Christmas trees fill the tummies of young and old during the holidays and you should not get caught short. With already rolled dough and canned frosting, time is no excuse.

Of course, for purists there is the old fashioned way with flour and sugar and rolling pins and Royal Icing and aprons from Anthropologie. Nothing beats a day in the kitchen with the ones you love. Or yourself if they aggravate the hell out of you. Your choice. No judgment here.

Count me jealous as most of my nourishment still comes from Gus-Gus. The plan, however, does include test kitchen to see which festive treats make their way down my gullet. Cancer’s got nothing on this Christmas girl.


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