Stuff A Stocking…

What’s a girl want in her stocking? Baubles and gems and pearls oh my? Or, perhaps, the keys to something racy? Or whatever’s the latest at La Perla? Wait, we’re not doing Oprah’s faves, remember? We’re creating the favorites list for the regular girl—you know the one that plays Santa to a bunch of chickens, whips up dinner every night and rarely has time, or the wardrobe, for shopping high end. Besides we’d rather invest that extra money in shoes.
So when was the last time you gifted yourself something good that cost only 99 cents? Well, add it to your stocking girlfriend. There’s an app for your phone known as the iScanner. No kidding. Visit the app store and download it. Scan your work and off it goes easy peasey.

How about a little game playing one chilly Hanukah night? Duchess friends play a little game called Left-Right-Center every Christmas afternoon. Everyone brings single dollar bills. It’s a dice game—so easy even the kids can play. And the winner ends up with the pot! The special dice, and special they are, are $5.99 at Toys R Us.

So far, you’ve made work easier and you’ve got a game to play for under ten bucks.

How about some stress relief? A bath and a cookie should do the trick. Visit Bath and Body Works and get some. Yes, Stress Relief. That’s what it’s called. It’s for your bath. You can get bubbles for the bath, scrub for the heels, lotions for the bod and right now you get one free item when you buy anything above ten bucks. Throughout the season, they also run their famous five dollars off any twenty spent, ten dollars off any thirty spent and fifteen off any forty spent.

Not into that scent? Okay, you’re weird, but here are two more: Heavenly at Victoria’s Secret and Amazing Grace by philosophy. Because, dolls, there are days during the holiday season when only a bath will save you. Add these essentials to your stocking.

To fill it out, all dolls need some cute new underthings. Hanky Panky Thongs are just the ticket. They come in little holiday packs and there is nary a color in the rainbow you can’t find to match your bras. Please, dolls, match your underthings. You’ll feel like a boss and it’ll be your secret. Don’t bother with other brands. Hanky Panky is known as the most comfortable out there. That’s why they call it the “starter thong.” So if you haven’t been wearing them, get on it. No one wants to see your panty lines in 2016. You can find these little cuties everywhere and they last forever. I do believe the cherry red ones I donned this morning were around before The Norwegian left us.

There you have it. Your stocking has made your work life easier, your ass look better, soothed you at day’s end and provided gaming that could pay off big depending on the size of your family. Who knew?


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