Lord Hamilton Awaits Your Presence…

The intent was to get this information out over the weekend but alas this family ended up in the emergency room. And it wasn’t Cancer Girl. Seems Middle Chicken’s gall bladder, according to the wonderful surgeon, had been “sick” for quite a while. Poor chicken even had one stone blocking the entrance to the liver. Yikes. Work took a back seat for this hovering mama.

The news we meant to share? Who wants to meet a pig and give to a good cause? No kidding. I said pig. And good cause. All in one sentence. Seems this girls favorite charity on earth, Happily Ever After League, is hosting an Open House tomorrow night for everyone to meet Lord Hamilton and celebrate Arizona’s Giving Day.
It’s easy peasey. Celebrate Arizona Giving Tuesday by giving Lord Hamilton a Hamilton. Lord Hamilton, the micro mini therapy pig at The Happily Ever After League in Phoenix will be welcoming guests to the center’s Open House on Tuesday, December 1 from 4-8 p.m.

The event will feature not only Lord Hamilton (#onepigcanmakeadifference) but also vendors and a tour of the HEALing House, a facility dedicated to helping mothers with cancer by donating gift cards, food, resources and a calming place to be during treatment and recovery. BTW—let’s make this hashtag fly around twitter. Just enter it in your twitter. Get this party started!

Giving Tuesday started in 2012 as a response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in hopes of reminding people that nonprofits throughout the Valley need dollars during the holiday season as well. Valley residents are encouraged to make contributions to their favorite charities on Giving Tuesday. And since this one is the best one, take my word for it, this is where your contributions should go.

Happily Ever After League stepped up to the plate this year with the introduction of Lord Hamilton, who is the most recent addition to the team and the open house featuring local vendors, nibbles and tours of the HEALing House.

Hopes are that Lord Hamilton will become the therapy animal for the women and children who come to the center. Micro pigs have been extensively studied as therapy pets and they do quite well given that they are resilient, people-oriented and seek out physical contact. Animals and nature are known to improve the suffering of adults and children with various diseases and disabilities.

The mission of HEAL is to support mothers during cancer treatment. Since its inception in 2004, HEAL has kept the goal of never turning away a qualifying mom in need. Each month, mothers receive assistance with support that helps offset the costs involved in cancer recovery.

Entry to the event is free but giving a Hamilton to Lord Hamilton will make your Giving Tuesday! The HEALing House is located at 4458 E. Sharon Dr. in Phoenix. For more information feel free to call 480-275-0613. If you know someone who needs help, you can contact HEAL by email at communication@happilyeverafterleague.org.

Duchess Dolls are the most giving of all the girls I know. Make your holiday donation count—help a mom with cancer. Merry, Merry.


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