Bad Hair Day?…

It’s Friday—that special day in pre-cancer lore, reserved for dancing at the dive country bar or dining on ten thousand calorie Mexican food. Neither is on the roster but we still can do our hair and wish upon a star, non?
Unless you’ve been taken captive, or you’re a guy, you know that in September edicts are thrown down as to what to wear, where to wear it and what to do with that rat’s nest atop your head. Yes, there are hair fashions as well as the other kind. This year’s fall hair is pretty. We saw no purple-headed granny looks on twenty-year-olds or shaved side heads. So if you’re still doing that, I’m sorry.
What we saw, straight from the experts, whoever they are, is a return to sleek lovely hair that actually looks as if tending to it is not the last thing on a girl’s mind. Note the return of the classic French braid. Having a bad hair day? Hair’s too dirty to really show its face in public? Twist it up in the classic French way and make everyone think you just came from the salon with Jacques.

We saw a return to side parts. There really are very few faces that look good with a middle part. Side part is always more attractive. Pair it with waves—beachy will always be “in” since we all wish to be free and easy Cali girls with nary a care.

A new addition to the runways this year is accessories. Headbands show up quite a bit and many were encrusted with baubles. Frilly barrettes, ties and all manner of decorative hair gear made an appearance. How fun.

Knots, high and low, continue to be en vogue as do half up half down styles. Add a sparkly little thing over your hair tie and you’re all set.

How about a pony up top? Or a blunt cut bob with asymmetrical sides and deep side part. Classic. Looks good on just about everyone. Never goes out of style.

There was a nod to the sixties hair flipped out at the bottom. Someone must have been watching The Astronauts Wives Club this summer.

Pixies had their day as well. The updated classic includes piecey fringe bangs, not a solid line. Longer layers through straight hair always give it some volume and shine.

The most classic of all looks-and named the one you can’t make a mistake with? Hair just past the shoulders, not long, not medium, with some layering and some loose curls.

Hmmm…I wonder who wears their hair like that?


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