Who Knew The Time Is Now?…

The Duke of Cars is sharing an insider industry tip. This is the best time of year to buy a car. To those of us who spent most of lives doing little more than choosing the car, this comes a s a surprise. There is a right time of year to buy a car? It’s kind of like when bathing suits go on sale at the end of summer, right? Well, everywhere but here on the surface of the sun.
“October is absolutely the best month to buy a car,” says the Duke. “The trick is to buy the outgoing year model. Not only is the selection still good, but the prices are great because we have to make way for the new models.”
“We will sell half of the remaining inventory this month, so the inventory with the best prices starts to thin out in November, and the pickings are slim in December.”

So, he’s inviting all the Duchess Dolls to take a look at inventory. It’s a fun little game. Go to supercj.com, pick your favorite model and click on the basketball to get your “Slam Dunk Deal.” Remember Big Al used to play pro ball—that’s why there are basketballs everywhere on the site. Clever huh—slam dunk deal?

Seriously, when I inquired over the car of the month, the answer that came back to me was: All remaining 2015 models. No exceptions. Whaa? I know right?

And it’s not like only the cruddy cars, in funky colors are what’s left. Big Al’s got 400 2015s in stock and October is the first of three months that they will be sold with huge discounts and the best factory incentives of the year. And, as always, only at Big Al’s the Warranty Forever—yep, you too can have oil changes for life.

You know what to do dolls. Got to the website, superc.com, pick your fave and hit the basketball for a slam-dunk deal. One of the best dolls is over there today picking out a new truck to haul her over large four legged neighing animals. I asked if Big Al if could handle that. He just laughed.


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