Warning Signs…Battery Overload

It’s no secret we’re in the middle of hot season in Arizona. Sometimes even a trip up north isn’t going to help, especially when we’re talking car batteries. Unless this is your first summer living on the surface of the sun, you know that in the heat, our car batteries die. They just do. You’ll get used to it. The alternative is below zero temps in January and didn’t we all run away from that?
A chat with The Duke of Cars brings up some good points.
There are early warning signs before a car battery breathes its last. The Duke says these include dimming lights, car accessories performing at less than peak, a check engine light and/or a battery warning light.

Two things cause batteries to live a shorter life. Overcharging and excessive heat can drain the battery power and corrode battery terminals, which in turn slows airflow. It’s important not to over or under charge the battery—just charge to the proper rate.

Dirt also flows into the intake and makes dirty deposits in the oil. Oil should be changed every three months or 3,000 miles, especially during the high heat periods. Dirt breaks down the viscosity of oil and eventually erodes seals and piston rings making frequent changes even more important during the summer months.

The Duke also recommends checking fluids, tire pressure, coolant and parking in the shade when possible.

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A 2015 Chrysler 200 can be leased for as low as 159.00. Whaaa? The 2015 Ram 2500 features a 2500 cash allowance as does the Ram 3500 and the Jeep Patriot, a fun in the sun car, has a 3500 cash allowance.

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