Gus Gets A Girlfriend…

Whaaa? I know right? ’Tis true. Not only does Gus have a new lady friend, he evidently has fans. Asshat.
Not in the know? Gus is my feeding tube. Lucky cancer girls get one added to their list of need when they can’t eat. Since this cancer involves three surgeries, chemo and radiation to the neck and throat, that often leaves eating a problem.


You’d think we’d be the best of friends—not so much. He is irritable, always popping out in public and gets red with anger. This late in treatment, however, he is saving me from hospitalization with drip food. So there’s that.

A reader sends a gift. Thank you sweet doll! She is a fan of Gus’ adventures. She’s followed him shopping, going to reiki, getting chemo and just generally being a pain in my…well stomach wall. Seems Sweet Reader has a child with a feeding tube and knows all too well the inconvenience and incommodiousness tubes can give their owners.

She believes Gus needs a “lady friend.” Hmmm? So she sends one over. Seems there are little contraptions called “Tubies,” that snap around the base of the feeding tube, right where skin gets irritated and red and movement becomes difficult. It’s a round disc with a picture of a character on the front and soft plush backing making the skin side less itchy, red and painful. You can see the whole collection here. Follow the link to Fashiontubies.

Gus, as it turns out, has thing for Cinderella. Cindy joined our cancer family last week and we’ve been watching their every move. They have all their meals together. Cindy leaves him alone to shower and get ready in the morning—she is a lady after all. Last night they even sat quietly at pool’s edge with their feet in the water just to be outside for a bit. They’ve watched movies and went to radiation this morning. She seems to be a good influence, calming his nasty nature a bit. Not sure about her family history, but so far, so good.

Next, they’ll be riding horses on the beach and taking moonlit walks.

As long as I can shove a damn cheeseburger down my gullet in the near future, I don’t care what they do.

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