The Duke Recommends: Jeep Patriot

We ask The Duke each month for recommendations. What’s a great car? Are there any specials? What might Duchess readers be interested in? How about it’s spring and it might be time for some cruising off road style?

It’s been named, “one of the most off-road capable vehicles in its class.” Hefty praise for a crossover SUV that offers itself up as a bargain in the SUV world. Whaaaa? A bargain the in the SUV world?

The Duke of Cars is recommending the Jeep Patriot this month. “It is one of the lowest priced SUV styled crossovers in North America.”


The Patriot jumps in between the larger Jeep Cherokee and the smaller Renegade. It is known by its boxy, handsome frame, its value for the money, its real off road capability and the fact that it is also city-friendly.

How so? Off-road it’s Trail Rated. Trail Rated vehicles pass a series of tests designed to prove off road performance. Options include the All Weather Capability Group, a package for colder climates which includes all terrain tires, all season floor mats, daytime running headlamps, engine block heater and tow hooks.

Other features to be had: 2000 pound towing capacity, six airbags, hill start assist which keeps the Patriot from rolling when starting the vehicle on an incline, 17-inch aluminum wheels, front fog lamps, available leather trimmed seats, power sunroof and heated seats.

Also interesting? The Patriot is marketed to both men and women. The traditional styling is more masculine to be sure but the Compass Body has a little more contemporary flair styled toward the girls.

Worried about your carbon footprint? In both 2007 and and 2008 Patriot won the Green 4X4 award in the UK. It clocks in at 30 mpg on the highway. Its 2011 facelift made it more popular than ever. And at 16,695, it’s a heckuva bargain.

The Duke’s got a bunch. He’s waiting to meet you. He’s the friendliest guy in town and watch what happens when you tell him The Duchess sent you. Really. Some readers already know.  Call Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep at 877-218-7681.


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