Whats Your SEO?

Always on the lookout for good blogs, I come across one this afternoon that’s a bit of a surprise. It’s not smart-ass girl snarky but instead, information you need for business, increasing clients and websites.

I meet with Nimesh to talk about an upcoming presentation and instead we talk SEO, tracking hits and getting a high return on newsletters. You think this stuff isn’t important? How many hits is your website getting? Hint. Hits equal money. No scoffing allowed. Where do your visitors navigate through your site?

He’s surprised I don’t have a newsletter. I tell him the level of snark filling The Duchess Diaries pages is quite enough for the dolls to have to handle. But, curiosity gets the better of me and I check his. It’s on his blog. You can visit here.

What I find is some interesting stuff. Not a snark in the lot. He works a lot with hotels but he also works with businesses of all types. Blog topics you ask?


Three Quick Website Tips to Increase Hotel Booking Online, Three Scams to Avoid in 2015, SEO and Why It’s Important. This one’s important. Marketing people lose their jobs over SEO. It’s an elusive bird that will peck your eyes out if you’re not on top of it. It’s okay if you don’t understand it. None of us do. But if your dealings are online you need to know your SEO stuff. Ask Nimesh for help. He makes it less muddy for me.

How about Refresh Your Marketing Strategy and 24 Reasons to Refresh Your Website. You might want to give it a thought or two. The guy is getting an open rate well over seventy percent—that’s how many people open what you send them online. That’s a hard figure to beat.

Duchess Diaries would be kicking butt with a rate that high. So there’s that. I ask if the dolls can have access to the blog, as some of them are pretty kickass businesswomen. I don’t say it that way—we are having a business meeting after all. He says absolutely, so here you go, www.websrefresh/blog.com.  Someone who can take tech and make it make sense is a treasure indeed.

If you need a website let him know. If you tell him the Duchess sent you, he’ll squeeze you in. He may even throw in some marketing if you tell him I sent you.

Happy SEO. I’m going to the country dive bar. That’s something I understand.


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