Does BuzzFeed Know Your Secrets?…

One of the resolutions is more BuzzFeed quizzes. Mostly because we all need deep, soul-filling, intellectual guidance as we move through life and love, non? And something to do while wasting time at work? The dolls ask, what are the faves? Easy peasey. Here are some that are hilarious.

“When Will You Get Married?” I love this one. “Not for a while.” Can I get a halleluiah chorus on that one? It continues, “You have a lot of crazy fun to have before that.” This happens when you marry young and your husband drops dead. You’re the horse when the gate’s left open.

favorite place, duchess diaries

“We Know What Your Life Will Be Like in Ten Years.” Good, ‘cuz I’d really like to know that one. Results? “The lucky life filled with good fortune.” There’s a pic of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. You know he only got her pregnant ‘cuz I wouldn’t marry him right? Refer to, “When Will You Get Married?”

“Which Booze Are You?” Here we veer a little off course. I got beer. I know, right? The Duchess? Although beer is consumed, and sometimes in mass quantities, at the country bar, it’s not the usual drink of choice, as the dolls know. No idea what answers must be checked to come up with vodka straight with three lemons or a dirty martini. Pfft. This one also called me humble, unpretentious and simple. Okay.

“Are You a Good BFF?” Better than most, a 43/60—getting close to top level. “You’re a dang good friend.” The truth is my BFFs actually know of my privacy thing and they roll with it, excepting of course, the sharing with an audience of 35,000 on a blog.

“Which Hollywood Actor is Your Soul Mate?” This girl gets Adrien Brody. Hmm—kinda broody don’t you think? I tend to like someone a little more upbeat than me. Quiz reports, “Great minds make great couples. He shares your love for art and you are both laid back yet filled with energy.” Hmmm.

I try to take, “Are You Boyfriend Material,” keeping in mind the guys I know but couldn’t answer for them. Their brains are so well hidden, a girl can never figure out what’s going on in there. If I take it for myself, I come up more player than boyfriend if that’s any indicator.

“Can We Guess What you Really Love?” This one is the best. It says, “You take life as it comes. You get the most satisfaction from doing nothing at all. When it comes to love, less is definitely more.” So what does BuzzFeed say I love most in life? My bed! Ding, ding. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner. If I could entertain guests and clients in my yummy bed, I’d never leave. Well, I suppose I could entertain guests. Clients not so much.

Which Alcohol Matches your Zodiac? Absinthe. “You’re a creative genius Pisces and your original ideas are a lot like an absinthe fueled night of debauchery.” Works for me!

Okay dolls, your turn. Take the tests here and report back. The other dolls want to know all your secrets.


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