Super Bowl Is Upon Us…

Grumblings can be heard all over the city. Just this morning, a codger is complaining on Facebook that traffic is unbearable in Phoenix. He isn’t going anyway. He’s retired. But there’s a lot of damn traffic. Probably won’t feel that way when the revenue stream floats down to your part of the city will ya’ bud? We should feel honored to have such great events in our city.

The Open is in full swing so the bars are filled with middle age men believing 25-year-olds find them attractive and the purchased breast set is out in full force.

super bowl, duchess diaries

Whatever your preference, it’s a damn good time. Party as you like my dolls.

It is the Super Bowl that has fans in a tizzy in both Scottsdale and Phoenix. Word today is that Tom Brady is a little under the weather. Poor baby. If he had married me instead of Gisele, he’d be experiencing Chompie’s soup. But alas, he’s only experiencing Gisele. He’s under medical watch and says he’ll be fine come game time. Besides, it gives a hint of distraction to deflategate.

‘Cuz we all believe Brady and Belichick are babes in the woods when it comes to the condition of their balls. Tom, doll, it’s in your hands. Can’t feel the diff? Us girls are calling you out on that one. Not that it mattered against the Colts. Sad but unlucky Andrew Luck. BTW-if golden boy of perfect face does win; this sixth appearance will signal his fourth victory.

Vegas sides right now with the Pats but have they heard Tom has the sniffles?

Doesn’t seem that Wilson, as in Russell, of the Seahawks, is too bothered about the whole ball thing. He scoffed at the thought it might affect the game at yesterday’s press conference.

But, keep in mind; the league will fine Marshawn Lynch if he grabs his crotch again. The Seahawks will face a 15-year-penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Deflated balls, not so much. Pfft.

The cities are teaming with tourists, athletes, fans and partiers. It’s a good weekend to be in Scottsdale with a load of cash in your pockets. There are plenty of places to spend it. We even spotted two Dallas cowboys at the country bar Saturday night.

Famous faces hosting parties? Jamie Foxx on Thursday at The W in Scottsdale. ESPN takes over Westworld on Friday and Leather and Laces features Victoria’s Secret models Behati and Lily. The duo of angel perfection appear in the VS ad during the game. The Playboy party is also Friday.

Saturday features Rhianna at the DirecTV party and Steven Tyler at the Rolling Stone fete. That one will feature some smack talk. Tyler’s a native Boston boy. Can you say Pats fan?

Mark Wahlberg and director Michael Bay cohost the charity event Big Game/Big Give at Diamondbacks’ third baseman Matt Williams 20,000 square foot Paradise Valley home. This one is expected to raise over a million dollars to support various charities around the Valley including the Phoenix Giving Back Fund and Wahlberg’s Boys and Girls charity.

Want to attend? Pull out your cash and visit http://www.supersundayhq.com.


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