Women Helping Women…

It’s a question asked often in Scottsdale; as Scottsdale’s unusually blessed women who have the opportunity to stay home and take care of their children. The last child is off to college and the question is, “So what are you going to do with yourself now?”

I see women try hard not to be offended. I know very few stay at home moms who have actually been doing nothing. These are the women that actually make up the working end of that village Hillary Clinton believes she invented.


One of the Duchess Dolls is kicking it old school. The answer to what are you doing now that the last one went to school? “Oh not much. Just started a nonprofit that funds projects for women across the world. We raise money by joining women together for dinner. You know, like you do.

Perfect Blond is a mainstay in the philanthropic side of the Dale. She is kind, generous and nary a cause is successful without her hand in it. A year ago, she started Dining for Women Scottsdale. The nonprofit’s motto: “Changing the world one dinner at a time.”

Women get together and donate the money they would have spent on dinner to whatever the cause is for that particular month. Last Thursday, as forty women pack Perfect Blonde’s living and dining room, we celebrate one year of helping women and the cause for January.

This night it’s the Collateral Repair Project, which equips and empowers female leaders amongst refugee women and families fleeing violence in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

The first half of this year, the ladies of Dining For Women, with combined forces nationwide, will help women and girls in Rwanda obtain menstrual hygiene products and information, aid the Grandmother Project in supporting women raising their granddaughters, screen for cervical cancer in Northern Haiti, teach about safe alternatives to open cooking fires in Malawi and economic and empowerment skills for women in Rwanda.

The next time you ask “just a mom” what she’s up to, better be ready for the answer. Wanna become involved? Visit the website or the Scottsdale Dining For Women page.


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