Bulletproof Is the General Feeling…

Turns out, bulletproof is an apt descriptor. A couple of weeks ago, we explored Bulletproof Coffee, all the rage on the East Coast. Middle Chicken gave us the heads up and we did a little research. Our favorite java expert, Kate Tobias, owner of buzzberry in Scottsdale chimed in as well, inviting me over for a cup.

Kate takes coffee seriously. She’s the girl to remind us early and often, “It’s a berry, not a bean,” sometimes with a “dammit” on the end. Thus buzzberry and not buzzbean. The distinction is important to aficionados of the dark stuff.

Kate mixes the steamy blend. I have doubts. Coffee with butter and oil? My expectation is full on gag reflex followed with a shudder. Instead, I sip a creamy, frothy, delectable treat beyond reason. It’s a liquid cookie. It’s that good. I pass it along to my tablemates who’ve been discussing an upcoming trip to Rome. They give Bulletproof their blessing.


It’s high praise from a group that undoubtedly has tried all the delectables. They meet here every week. So what’s the deal? Why is this sweeping the country, aside from deliciousness?

Kate shares her research. Seems as Americans have been vilifying fat, we’ve forgotten we need fat for muscles, brain firing and alertness. There is evidence that some diseases we encounter are because we have pared good fat from our diet. Evidently, the healthy fats are good for mental clarity, focus and even weight loss. Who knew?

But, adding oil and butter to coffee—what exactly makes that palatable? Kate, ever the berry experimenter, adds cocoa and Stevia to keep it low in sugar calories as it already packs a caloric wallop given the butter and all.

Will she share the recipe? Always the agreeable girl, she agrees. Although, it is actually kinda tricky so when it joins the buzz menu (yep it’s coming) I’d recommend picking it up there.

It’s a cup of organic coffee with one-teaspoon organic coconut oil (this can be had at Costco or Trader Joe’s) half teaspoon unsalted butter, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and one teaspoon Stevia.

It’s not thick as expected. It’s like a latte or a mocha. I heard complains about an oily feel in the mug and on the lips. I could feel oil on my lips—not like a slick—just a little. In Arizona we’ll put oil on any exposed skin so that presents little problem for this girl.

The froth comes from blending the concoction, which ups the yum factor as well. The buzz has professional powered blenders. At home it’s trickier. Kate warns that very hot liquid in a home blender can explode and burn, even if you hold the cap on tight. There must be a vent hole of some sort. She advises practicing with water to figure out what works best with your blending apparatus or use an immersion blender or a wisk to get to your desired consistency.

The results? I must admit I burn on all cylinders the rest of the day. The focused and alert part kicks in at about half cup and hyper awareness has been mine since. It’s about three hours later. Not jittery alert, just a focused alert. Cruising through the afternoon is a novelty to a girl whose mind roams to distant lands around two p.m.

It’s a thumbs up. My best attempts probably won’t match the buzzberry blend, which will be available shortly. Sorry—not on the menu yet but Kate promises to let us know as soon as it hits the board. I, in the meantime, have the immersion blender at the ready. For whatever that’s worth. Pfft.


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