What A Curious Bunch…

I’m feeling snubbed. Readers pepper me constantly with questions about The Chickens, The Norwegian and 2014-09-099507.20.56Scottsdale gossip. Now, all you little minxes want to know about is Advisor Girl. I’ll answer your questions this once and then it’s back to our lessons.

How did you meet her?

I was doing an event for a nonprofit and she donated artwork. Yes, her artwork. She is an artist as well as business guru, witch and taskmaster. She walks the walk when it comes to philanthropy but believes good works, and dollars, donated anonymously are the ones that make the heart swell.

Is she psychic?
Jury’s out on this one my friends. The word “psychic” conjures charlatans and silliness, so I would say no. And she certainly is no performing monkey. She is serious as a heart attack and, unlike sooth sayers, turns away more clients than she takes. On the other hand, she knows things. She knows what you’re thinking. She calls you out on your crap and delves deep. What she knows scares your pants off. Something is in high gear on the sensory side, that’s for certain. Exactly what it is? Don’t know.

How old is she? Personal details?
Nosy, nosy girls. She’s of a certain age but in better shape than the rest of us, harder working and more confident than any human being I have ever met. She is also intensely private and alternates between being just one of the girls and larger than life. She is a witch and all that entails.

Can I work with her?
As far as I know, she’s pretty booked but I have seen some slide under the door. And lucky you, you know someone who sees her quite a bit. She is exclusive, elusive, expensive and effective–a deadly combination. Success rate: over 95 percent. What she’s best at is taking you and your business to the next level whether that business is flailing or phenomenal. And figuring out what you should do with your life. I’ve seen her help a client create a business, and a life, from nothing but dreams and hard work. If seats remain, you can get a taste at the November seminar.

Does she work only with specific companies?

It does not seem so. I know of a remodeler, a manufacturer with existing product, another developing a product, a website creator, a real estate agent, politicians and a writer (moi). Not really linked. She possesses a strange talent to hone in on what needs to be done to expand business, add clientele, fix image and individual, all focusing on growth. Again, witch.

Is she hard to work with?
Yes and no. Those who work with her alternately love and hate her. There is an exhilaration in watching your life change but the level of hard work, introspection and effort put forth is tough. She won’t take no for an answer. You succeed beyond your dreams but work your ass off in the process which, perhaps, is the lesson we all must learn.

Why is she involved in your personal stuff?

Evidently, you cannot fix business, career, job, whatever, without first tending the garbage in your head. Finding those things in need of fixing earn her “The Fixer” label. She says once the crap is out of the way there is room for career, and dreams of whatever brand, to blossom. She stresses career should be wrapped in what you love and are passionate about, making it a life choice and not a job.

Would you recommend her?

Without hesitation. I am a different person. And I’m not done. I’m only one month in. She tosses on its head the idea that work looks a certain way. She scares the hell out of me in the process. My work doesn’t look like yours nor yours like mine. Everyone works in their own talent pool, as it should be. She turns me to face grief in a way that makes sense to me. For the first time I do believe my life, mine, must go forward. Now, my nosy friends, let the woman have the privacy she cherishes and guards fiercely.

Besides I have homework. I must finish another Paulo Coehlo book, learn to edit video for You Tube, create a subject list for the channel and pick a monochromatic dress for filming tomorrow. And talk to three clients.

Just an average day with The Fixer. Witch indeed.


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