And We’re Talkin’ Wealth…

11:40 AM

The Fixer is talking money and wealth. Yay! I love money and wealth. Grey Goose, duchess crownshoes and dresses require green bills in exchange for coming to live at my house.

Advisor Girl teaches it is far better to fund my habit doing what I love than seated at a desk in an office with neither style nor afternoon tea and cookies fulfilling someone else’s idea of proper word usage. Besides, there is no better way to live as a duchess than crafting one’s own life, she reminds.

She says I am never returning to corporate America–not because I don’t fit their mold but because they don’t fit mine. There’s a unique way to look at square peg, round hole non? The heart swells thinking of never returning to a cube with a semi-literate troglodyte preaching SEO. SEO serves a purpose, but it will never be literary prose. Those who do not write believe they can have both. Pick one dammit. Writing lesson for the day dolls.

“Don’t cut off pieces of yourself for security,” she advises. She warns that as we gain wealth we must temper our work with what supports us. We must sleep, spend time with our children, do things we love, for these are things that support. They are anchors. She cautions some friends may be lost in the journey. “There are friends who like you better broken in your grief. Broken is not threatening.”

I ask how she came to this career. She works with people for three months then sets them in flight. She molds career and personal life, crafting wings and, depending on the day, kicks them from the nest. Who thinks to turn that into a career?

“You need to share this with more people,” I push. Advisor’s Girl’s intense privacy is foreign to a girl who spills secrets for a living. She reminds me there are only so many hours in a day and a waiting list. And people need to realize they need her. And be willing to pay.

“What is it worth?”

She is correct. Money spent on turning one’s life into miraculous is money that may be spent on dinners out, new furniture or myriad other material things. Either way, it will be spent.

It takes persuasion to get her to agree to a seminar. What shows itself now is the direction it should take. A Master Class on the mindset of wealth. Not how to obtain more money, but who do you need to be in order to attract money?

Will they pay, I question. “People live in ‘not enough’ and don’t even realize it. They are not short of money. They are short of love. If you love, you cannot ‘not’ give. When you give, you get. The more you give, the more you get.”

“Money comes because of your mind. It is brain chemistry that material possessions lose value the moment you obtain them. People are more excited in the anticipation of obtaining something than in the actual possession of it.”

She adds this gem: “It’s like sex. Sex is better in the head than in the bed.” She laughs at my raised eyebrow and concedes, “Well maybe not for you and that guy.” She points at a photo of The Norwegian. Apology accepted.

I tell her I will fill the room for her seminar. She will allow only 30 people. You know, that witchy thing is going on and she can hear all your shit. ‘Tis true. We aim for November when the weather turns a bit cooler here on the surface of the sun. My friends at The Ritz are in. My heart skips a beat at creating warm fall drinks, a sumptuous cozy lunch, maybe with soup, perhaps some afternoon tea and discussion of how we fulfill our dreams and become wealthy, both in mind and in dresses.

No wonder I can’t keep a day job. Pfft.

Update: A few spots remain. You want in? Call me dolls.


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