True Service Deserves True Reward…

I want the business; not just because it’s interesting work and a paycheck, but because I owe 2014-09-099507.20.56this man. Turns out, the meeting’s about more than a job. It’s a lesson in, “True service deserves true reward.” It is fact for you, for me, for all of us if we are to meander through life with great joy. Heady stuff right? No kidding.

Picking up groceries I run into a reader whom I barely know. “I read the blog but I don’t understand what it is you do. Does the blog make money? Does it make a lot? How does it work?” When you put your personal crap out into the world, questions become personal. Beware what you post on facebook, my dolls.

The Fixer tells me the answer to the question is, “I left my mediocre job to live on the scary side of life.”

Here’s what I do: PR and Image for individuals and businesses. I don’t work in the traditional way. I can’t. There are days Contractor Girl needs me to join her for Grey Goose on the Lido Deck. That shit doesn’t wait for the weekend.

A client may need help with clothing, my fave, both men and women, custom and otherwise–call me. Another needs help with manners or language and presentation skills while another needs social media, online reputation or ghost writing of their blog.

What does that have to do with writing blogs and books and fame, which is my “personal legacy?” (See Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist. Run to Barnes and Noble to buy this book so you can carve your chicken scratches over its tattered cover and highlight in different colors each time you soak up its guidance.) The regular job, which I also love, funds my personal legacy until that legacy turns me into a gazillionaire and I travel the world meeting all the people my writing influences. Got it? Good.

Back to yesterday’s client. My goal is to help grow his business, his reputation and philanthropy because he helped me. He owns a car dealership. My car, nearing a million miles chugs along but needs repairs equalling the national debt. The Fixer labels it a mom car that hurts my rep and says she knows a guy. I tell the guy I am his worst nightmare in financing a car.

He brushes my fears aside. “You are going to get a good, safe car and we are going to make this happen. Do you understand? That’s what I’m here for.” This man, who never met me, took a leap of faith. I drive away with a car, a price I can afford and most importantly, a friend. I vow to myself to help him one day. Six months pass and now I can help his business, guided by what he did for me, his kindness and generosity of spirit. Who says that about a car dealer? I am happy to pass along his digits dolls.

I ask Advisor Girl for counsel. Her lessons circle my brain. “True service deserves true reward.” The bolt hits me. He helps her with true service and gains true reward. She helps me and with true service and gains true reward. I help him and the circle spins.

“When we met, you thought I was more significant in your life than you were in mine,” she says. “At the same time I was thinking, why has this woman, at this time, come into my life? You came into my life for a reason.” She continues a familiar theme between us.

“You wanted a job–you begged me for a job.” I don’t think I begged. I just made it clear I’d like to work with her. Pfft.

“I saw something in you but I was so angry that you would humble yourself that much. I was so mad that you would treat yourself with such disrespect. I really should have slapped the hell out of you then. Why would you do that to yourself? You hated yourself in that moment. I did not deserve that and neither did you. Don’t ever do that again. Ever.” Once again–bitch.

Just when I think I hate her again, she says, “My life has money and not much of other things. I never had the love of my life like you did. We all see it differently. Why are you in my life? Why did you come into my life? Who works for whom?”

Mind blown. Can you feel it? It’s the circle. True service deserves true reward. It’s more than money. It’s more than trade. It’s more than a job. Who works for whom? We all work for each other.

Go ahead. Ruminate. It’s good for you.


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